Best Ice Cream Flavours in USA 2022

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The arrival of warmer weather signals the beginning of the ice cream season. It's a much-loved dish, whether it's recollections of chasing the local ice cream truck or movie dates with ice cream afterwards. Ice cream is so popular in America that we devour 1.6 billion gallons each year (about 23 pounds per person). If you've ever wondered what the hottest new mixes and ice cream flavours are, we've got the inside scoop.

1. Chocolate ice cream

It's no surprise that chocolate is the most popular ice cream flavour in the United States. Whether you prefer it firm or soft, chocolate is a tried and true staple that has stood the test of time. Plus, we all know that chocolate originates from the cocoa tree. As a result, it is classified as a plant, making chocolate ice cream a salad.

2. Vanilla ice cream

Some people may be surprised to learn that vanilla is the second most popular flavour (because of its simplicity). While vanilla may appear simplistic, it is rather diverse. It not only works well with a variety of foods, but it also goes well with nearly any topping.

3. Mint chocolate chip ice cream

Mint chocolate chip is a taste that you either love or despise. This ice cream flavour, whether called mint chocolate chip, mint chip, or peppermint bonbon, has a devoted following. Why? It combines everything you might desire in a frozen treat: sweet, chocolaty delight with the refreshing flavour of mint.

4. Strawberry ice cream

Strawberry ice cream is a classic flavour that is far from boring. Strawberry may look repetitive compared to some of the topping-laden ice cream flavours, but strawberry fans know that it's merely simplicity at its most beautiful.

5. Butter pecan ice cream

Browned butter, toasted nuts, and a thick custard base elevate this traditional ice cream taste. Serve with homemade caramel sauce for an additional special touch. Butter pecan may come as a surprise, but it's a fan favourite for good reason. You can't go wrong with the nutty tones of pecan with creamy butter and that dash of sweet vanilla.

6. Savoury ice cream flavour options

There are limitless alternatives for outlandish savoury ice cream tastes, ranging from alcoholic white-wine-infused sorbet to rich chocolate gelato with a deadly cayenne kick. The optimum mix is salty and sweet. Ice cream companies are increasingly introducing savoury flavours to their line-ups. When it comes to savoury ice cream tastes, the possibilities are boundless, ranging from wine-infused frozen delicacies to chocolate ice cream with a cayenne kick. Olive oil, smoke (think toasted marshmallow or charred banana), and even salt and pepper are current savoury ice cream trends.

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