Best Place To Mount Your Portable Infrared Heater

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Since Portable Infrared panel heaters are a comparatively new technology, you haven't given much attention to the locations around your house that would be ideal for installing them. After all, everyone who has even a passing familiarity with thermodynamics is aware that heat travels upward. As a result, underfloor heating has become an increasingly popular alternative, which is also why radiators are always positioned at floor level. Nevertheless, this line of reasoning does not apply to infrared panels. Why? That is all related to the method by which they heat. When it comes to finding the ideal location for your new heater, there are a few things you'll need to consider for this reason.


Why it's important to get the positioning correctly

While using a Portable Infrared Heater Panel, there is no need to be concerned about the heat being lost due to draughts or the ceiling, as there would be when using a convection heater. Infrared panels send out heat as directed waves; anything in these waves will be heated, independent of the airflow direction. This is a significant advantage, particularly if the size of your space or its insulation makes it difficult to keep heat in. On the other hand, this implies that your infrared panel's positioning is more important than it would be with a convection heater since it requires a direct line of sight to function properly.


Where to look for a portable infrared heater: some useful tips

Heaters are a worthwhile investment for those in a climate with cold weather or who desire additional warmth on chilly evenings. In addition to making living spaces more pleasant, portable infrared heater panels can be an effective way to save energy and reduce heating costs by warming the room you are in and decreasing the thermostat for the entire house. However, there is more involved than simply purchasing and connecting a radiator. To receive the maximum benefits of a heating device and to prevent any safety issues, the heater must be placed in the optimal location. 

If you are uncertain where to place your heater, consider the following suggestions.


Pick a level surface.

Putting a portable infrared heater panel on a surface that is both level and not combustible is necessary. Putting the heater on a surface that is not level might cause it to lean to one side. It is possible for passing children or animals to tip over the heater and cause it to fall over. It is ideal to position the heater in your room so that it is on a basic flat surface, like a table, that can hold its weight.


Don't put it close to the windows.

It is unsafe to position a portable infrared heater panel close to windows. Warm air can be exhausted or dissipated significantly in a space that is open to the elements or has a high rate of air movement. This concurrently lowers the level of heat that you can tolerate. Nevertheless, many models require a restricted ventilation system to expel air and dangerous gases. This is a prerequisite for the model.


In larger areas, choose a central location.

Portable Infrared Heater panels can provide effective warmth in significantly bigger spaces. On the other hand, it has to be positioned in the middle of the room so that heat may radiate in all directions. If you are considering installing the heater in a big space such as a garage, put it as close to the working area as possible to get the most out of it and avoid heat loss.


Set it a certain distance off the floor.

The maximum heat may be achieved by maintaining the Portable Wifi Infrared Heater at a specific height above the floor. It is especially important to keep it a few feet above the floor if the floor is made of bare concrete since concrete acts as a heat sink and absorbs part of the heat that is generated.


Put it on a wall at a good height.

Mounting a portable infrared heater on the wall, whether you want to do so permanently or temporarily, at a height just below eye level will ensure that the heat can reach all areas. They can be attached to the wall of a room and a porch or patio. If you intend to mount a Portable Wifi Infrared Heater on a wall, ensure it is set at a height that is neither too low nor too high. While moving from one room to another, you could find it inconvenient if you have things hanging at a lower height.



In addition to those above, it is essential to position the Portable Infrared Heater Panel in a location that is free and clear of other combustibles, such as hanging goods such as curtains and window treatments, furniture, clothes, bedding, and carpets. Placement of a heater in the appropriate area ensures effective warmth and the user's safety.

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