Best Time Tracking Apps for Optimal Performance in 2023

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In addition to having a built-in timer, the best time-tracking applications also also allow you to manually change or add time. Even if you aren't a solopreneur, time monitoring may help you with everything from keeping track of billable hours to increasing personal productivity and refining corporate operations. Time monitoring apps make this procedure easier, more exact, and much more trustworthy. They allow you to allocate time records to various duties and projects, and they provide detailed reporting and even invoicing capabilities so you can turn the money you've saved into expenditures. Following a review of several programs, here is the best five-time monitoring software for both individuals and small teams.

What variables go into making the best time-tracking applications?

Knowing how you spend your time allows you to analyze work routines and make smarter business decisions. Mac time tracking software may provide you with a complete view of your daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly work, whether you work alone or with a small team. With this knowledge in hand, what are you going to do? The ability to trust your invoices rather than having to estimate how much time you worked after the fact is perhaps the most important way that project time tracking may assist you in being paid.

The following factors should be taken into account when evaluating top-time monitoring apps:

Monitoring in real-time.

Most time-tracking applications allow you to monitor in real time, which means that they provide you with a running clock that you may start when you begin a job and stop or pause when you complete it.

The capacity to manually add time blocks or alter time recorded.

The finest programs provide post-event time correction, for example, if you unintentionally leave a timer running while leaving for lunch. To deduct the number of minutes you weren't working, you should be allowed to change the time log. In case you forget to initiate a task, you also need a tool that allows you to input a block of time after the fact.

Reporting capabilities.

The most effective time-tracking tools provide dashboards and reports that allow you to segment daily, weekly or monthly time spent by project, person, or client.

The capacity to export data or produce invoices.

You must be able to act once you've totaled up all the time you've spent working. All of these applications allow you to export time-tracking data as PDFs, CSVs, or Google Sheets so that you may share it with the appropriate parties or automatically generate invoices from the time-tracking data that is saved in the app.

Multiple entry points

The finest time-tracking applications make it simple and practical to start a timer. They are adaptable enough to allow you to start a timer from whichever location is most practical for you, be it your browser, a desktop application, or your mobile device.

Top 5 Time Tracking Applications of 2023

1. Clockify

Millions of people use Clockify, which is more than simply a timer. This program gives customers the following options thanks to its cutting-edge capabilities and simple interface:

  1. Analyze tracked time,
  2. Pull detailed reports,
  3. Visually block out time entries,
  4. Track billable and non-billable hours, and
  5. Sync data across all devices.
Additionally, Clockify has an integrated function that allows employees to ask their supervisors and workspace admins for time off. You can always see what requests are granted and pending, as well as how many vacation days you still have available. Additionally, Clockify offers kiosk software that enables users to clock in from shared devices, monitor breaks, and even fill out timesheets for employees if there are any discrepancies.

2. WebWork Time Tracker

With the tools you need most, including time tracking, screenshots, app and web usage, attendance monitoring, tasks, and more, WebWork is a time tracking and employee monitoring software for businesses and remote teams.

With all the tools you need most, WebWork is the ultimate solution with time tracking, screenshots, app and website usage monitoring, task management, and more. In fact, WebWork is more than a time tracker. It is also a complete Task Management and Communication platform.

  1. Time Tracking with Screenshots
  2. App and Website Usage Monitoring
  3. Attendance Monitoring
  4. Reports
  5. Billable Hours and Invoice
  6. Work-life Balance
  7. Task Management
  8. Team Chat
  9. Video Calls
Because WebWork Trackers are synced, switching between them and picking up where you left off is made simpler.

3. Toggl Track

A surprisingly feature-rich free version of Toggl Track is available indefinitely. This free time clock program may be used to track and invoice all of a freelancer's or consultant's billable hours. It's a great app for maintaining personal accountability. An idle detector, automatic reminders, and a Pomodoro timer are available to help you stay focused. These features may permanently alter the way you work. The commercial plans are slightly more expensive for teams, but this is because they can gather and report so much data.

It's a simple method to check how your time is being spent, and you can set up alerts to recommend tracking for particular activities, like each time you join a particular call. Automated notifications warn you when projects are on the verge of finishing earlier than expected or are at risk of going over budget. For individuals who aren't keeping track of their hours, you can also automate email reminders. Additionally, Toggl offers a particularly helpful time auditing feature that enables you to find inaccurate or unassigned time entries.

Other functions that aid consumers in saving time include:

  1. Time tracking across all devices
  2. Chrome and Firefox browser extensions
  3. Team access levels
  4. Project templates
  5. Calendar integration with Google
Toggl's attraction is that it aids users in holding themselves accountable. Everyone is made aware of how they are using their time thanks to automation and thorough monitoring.

4. QuickBooks Time 

The popular time-tracking tool TSheets has been relaunched as QuickBooks Time. TSheets used to be a distinct piece of software with strong connectivity to the QuickBooks stack, but they are now the same. This is why it is popular among real estate speculators, building contractors, and other service-oriented businesses. Payroll and shift work is excellent, but QuickBooks Time shines with its GPS tracking capabilities.

Through the mobile app, employees may clock in, and managers can view their precise location in the Who's Working tab. Employers may upload images and digital signatures to verify that everything is in order and you can use geofencing to set up designated areas for employees to clock in. The use of real-time GPS data in business collaboration is particularly advantageous.

Other really useful features include:

  1. Scheduling tool with drag and drop
  2. Time-keeping kiosk
  3. Facial-recognition the timer
  4. Timing tracking
  5. Forecasting and reporting
  6. Text message, email, or push notification alert
On their App Marketplace, QuickBooks Time has dozens of integrations. If you don't use only QuickBooks products, you can still easily integrate your time tracking system with additional tools thanks to this.

5. Lathem 

A platform for employee time tracking is called Lathem. Even with distant collaborators, tracking employee time is made simpler. You may control staff attendance and working hours from anywhere at any time. Employees at Lathem may record time and check their time card information whenever they want via the digital time clock, their smartphone, or the internet time clock.

The straightforward integration of all employee time card data with payroll applications like Intuit QuickBooks, ADP, Paychex, and others simplifies the processing of payroll. You can prevent employee time theft, reduce unlawful overtime, and ensure compliance with wage/hour rules and the Affordable Care Act with the use of our technology.

Lathem's other salient characteristics include:

  1. Cloud-based time clock & attendance tracking
  2. Face recognition, fingerprint or badge scanner time clocks
  3. Payroll integrations and easy exporting
  4. Easy-edit time entry
  5. GPS tracking
This solution offers both physical on-site software and internet software alternatives, so you can get the most out of it. Lathem is ideal for your company's requirements in terms of staff time-tracking software.


Time monitoring software applications are necessary for logistical reasons for businesses that use cost-plus pricing, professional service providers, and organizations that use hourly employees or freelancers. Using project time tracking software, your team members should be able to quickly input time entries to tasks. Before incurring additional expenditure, you might use this to determine whether you are satisfying a need for your business.
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