Can a Car Accident Lawyer Help You Get a Bigger Settlement?

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Suffering from an injury after a car accident can be overwhelming and stressful. You are likely facing medical bills, lost wages due to time away from work, and the emotional trauma of being in such a traumatic event. The last thing that you want is more stress as you try to figure out how to file your claim with your insurance company. A skilled car accident lawyer in San Antonio can help ensure you receive appropriate levels of compensation.


Can a Car Accident Lawyer in San Antonio Help You Get a Bigger Settlement?

When filing a claim after a car accident, you may be under the impression that your insurance company is on your side. But in reality, insurance companies still care about protecting their bottom line first and foremost. This means looking to minimize how much they have to pay out in settlements. Their tactics can be frustrating, often using tricks like refusing any treatment that wasn't œmedically necessary or suggesting you were partially at fault for the incident.

Unfortunately, even those familiar with these tactics may not know of more underhanded moves, such as lowballing initial settlements or invalidating claims through technicalities. Even the savviest victim can become lost when dealing with such powerful forces, and this is why enlisting the help of an experienced car accident lawyer in San Antonio can be invaluable for getting a bigger settlement. Below are ways a car accident attorney can help you get a bigger settlement:


Knowledge and Experience

Knowledge and experience are invaluable tools an attorney brings to the table in these types of cases. Understandably, it can be overwhelming trying to decode medical language and jargon. With a skilled car accident attorney, you will rest easy knowing the lawyers have not only a knack for understanding legalese but also a grasp on medical terminology.

Similarly, attorneys have familiarity when it comes to local laws and regulations, affording them great insight into the case as well as your rights under the law. Their expertise goes even further since they have extensive experience dealing with court proceedings related to similar cases.



Car accident attorneys are well-versed in navigating the often confusing paperwork involved following an accident. From collecting police reports and medical records to helping with legal documents, it's crucial to cover every single base to get the settlement you deserve.

Nonetheless, if these documents are filed late or incorrectly filled out, it could ultimately cost you more money and trouble in the long run. A seasoned car accident attorney can handle everything from gathering the necessary paperwork to making sure it's properly submitted with accuracy and immediacy.


Contingency Fee

Victims of car accidents are not always in the best financial situations to fund their cases. In addition to legal fees, expenses related to gathering evidence, finding expert witnesses, and court costs must all be factored in when filing a car accident claim. Fortunately, many car accident attorneys don't charge these fees upfront.

Instead, they charge a contingency fee based off the settlement after the claim is successful. This helps victims get justice sooner by allowing them access to legal help in spite of their financial situation. Furthermore, contingency fees serve as motivation for lawyers since they are going to get a bigger share if they can get you a larger settlement. Learn more here about personal injury lawyers in San Antonio.


What Is a Typical Contingency Percentage?

Contingency fees can range from 33% to 40% of the total amount awarded when the case settles successfully. When interviewing an attorney, make sure to ask them about their fees and other associated costs upfront so that there are no surprises later on in the process.


Advise on Whether or Not to Accept a Settlement Offer

When it comes to oiling the wheels of justice after a car accident, a settlement offer from the insurance company might seem like a blessing. After all, having money in hand is a lot more practical than dragging yourself to court. However, there are many reasons why insurance companies may be inclined to offer settlements rather than fight the case in court, such as wanting to spare themselves extra costs like lawyer fees and court proceedings.

Sometimes victims miss out on important details when trying to calculate how much money they should accept for compensation. An experienced attorney knows all about how to calculate damages, extra fees, and so on and will advise you whether the settlement offer is actually worth accepting or not.


Gathering Evidence

From scoping out video recordings from nearby traffic cameras, interviewing other parties involved in the accident, and researching street signs and weather reports, an attorney will provide a thorough investigation into the evidence surrounding your incident.

Overall, hiring a knowledgeable and experienced San Antonio car accident attorney can be an invaluable way to make sure that you get a bigger settlement. These well-spoken legal professionals are always ready to take on the daunting task of negotiating with insurance companies to ensure that you receive fair compensation.

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