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After the wind of COVID-19 and people were forced to inculcate new strategies for their business or risk the chance of being obsolete, if not bankrupt; just like pollination, the pollen grain from the wind always grows its roots after the deposit. One of the newly mass adopted cultures after the pandemic has been remote working.

Tech experts, like many other cognitively sensitive jobs like writing, have been known for solo performance, more like working on their own. However, working by yourself could come with distractions like power failure, noise, chores, and poor internet coverage, to mention a few.

Organizations have leeched on these possible worries and have created something ideal for not just these categories of people, but also people who are entrepreneurs and seek a haven beyond the conventional workspace environment. This workspace environment is popularly called a Co-working space.

In this post, I will share with you six cheapest co-working spaces in Dubai that have been considered from the major pool of options to satisfy your convenience.


What are the best co-working spaces to consider in Dubai?



Ever considered a workspace that provides you with private offices, meeting rooms, 3D printers, podcast rooms, and the likes for a daily rate of just Dhs45? This fee comes with the provision of complimentary coffee and access to their super-fast Wi-fi.

Depending on your preferences and access, the WrkBay has a monthly charge which could range from Dhs 800 “ Dhs 5,000.



Nest is located by Wyndham, Barsha Heights, Dubai, and it is considered a choice hub for business space. Some of their specialty includes privacy pods, an indoor garden zone, and a community space. Freelancers usually find here their ideal spot compared to a busy place with many distractions.

For the pricing, a daily visit goes for Dhs80, while it goes for Dhs50 on weekends.

This payment provides unlimited coffee, snacks, and discounted dining, spa, and laundry services. You also enjoy complimentary valet parking, a discounted room rates when considering hotel services.



Nook was created by Ravi Bhusari and Derv Rao to assist sports, fitness, and wellness entrepreneurs in the Nook at Jumeirah Lakes Towers, Dubai who sort ways of managing their businesses. Nook provided space and business licenses in a friendly working atmosphere. 

This means coworking desks alone, as other facilities like conference rooms, rooms for video chat, lectures, and possible events with limited capacity require extra charges.

If you are considering their services for a day, it goes for Dhs80 per day.

Lets Work

Lets work has uniquely created affordable co-working spaces using some of the city's top venues. To enjoy these benefits, one is required to sign up and pay online, then head to any of the participating venues. Let's work currently has 68 locations available for its services, including Rove Hotels, Caya, Chicago Meatpackers, and Arabian Ranches Golf Club. 

With Dhs39, you get to enjoy a day service with unlimited coffee, water, Wi-Fi, and free parking, while Dhs209 covers a week in a month; monthly.


A4 Space

For those situated around Alserkal Avenue, the art hub is always a worthy consideration for the course of your duties. 

With free Wi-fi to serve the curious mind of people who consider its use, the cafe is an absolute winner, with delicious organic produce and brews from a homegrown coffee company. 

The spot has desks upstairs and small reading nooks one could climb into and lose yourself in a book.

Nook has a cinema screening room and a mezzanine level with a community library.



Though the sun shining into Astrolab's workstation in the middle of JLT makes the area feel humiliating, as tech start-ups toil away on their respective projects. Partnerships with IBM and Google for Entrepreneurs, as well as the eateries nearby, are key draws. There is a genuine community atmosphere with success stories front and center.

You can join Moonlighter After Hours for a flexible non-peak hour membership on a month-to-month basis for Dhs750 per month to use the workplace. When agreeing to an annual contract, a trade license, a sponsor for five residents, and 24-hour access are all included. a coding cave, open meeting spaces that can be reserved, and a testing lab for technology.



You can enjoy the ambiance of an office away from an office, sipping cappuccino at any of the above co-working spaces for your convenience. This is after you must have been working from home and had considered the gridlock in water consumption, tea making, and of cause internet.

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