Common Jobs for Someone Interested in Technology

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Computer and information sciences are among the majors today with the highest job acceptance rates as well as job offers, according to the National Association of Colleges and Employers. Additionally, a recent study carried out by CareerBuilder shows that the number of science and tech-related jobs is projected to grow twice as fast as other occupations. That being said, it is no surprise that more people are starting to become interested in technology jobs.

Five Common Jobs for a Tech-Loving Person

We have sorted through data from multiple sources, including the U.S. BLS (Bureau Labor of Statistics), and come up with a list of the following tech-based common jobs:

1. Data Scientist

According to HBR (Harvard Business Review), the data scientist is “the 21st century's sexiest job”. The job entails evaluating data that helps companies come up with informed decisions. Nevertheless, the supply of qualified candidates is relatively low. And that is why there is a high demand for data scientists. A 2021 report released by Burtch Works shows that the salaries for level three data scientist managers can be up to $250,000. Furthermore, Burtch Works notes that a good number of data scientists are Master's degree holders or have a Ph.D. in engineering, computer science, or mathematics/statistics.

2. Information Security Analyst

The popularity of cyber security jobs is constantly rising, and information security analyst is one of them. It is believed that the number of new information security analyst jobs through 2030 will be 47,100. This job has a high demand for individuals as well, and that is because of the ever-rising number of records being breached. Risk Based Security/Flashpoint, an international security company, points out that, in 2021 alone, a total of 22 billion records were breached. This simply shows how urgently information security analysts are needed. What's even better, this job is not so demanding when it comes to qualifications. In most cases, all that is needed is a bachelor's degree in programming or computer science.

3. Web Developer

Web development is one of the few jobs under technology that, in some cases, requires no bachelor's degree. Web development is divided into three types, which are web designers, webmasters, and web architects. The primary role of a web designer is to create the feel and layout of the website. You need an associate degree at minimum to be a web designer. The primary role of a webmaster, on the other hand, is to maintain the website. You need a bachelor's degree, an associate degree in web development, or a webmaster certificate to be a webmaster. Last but not least, there is a web architect whose role is to handle the technical construction of the website. To be a web architect, you need a bachelor's degree in computer science or programming.

4. Software Developer

The number of new software developer jobs is projected to be 409,500 by 2030. And the job outlook through the same year is projected to be 22%. Going by these stats, it is safe to say that software developers are urgently needed. One reason for this high demand for software developers is the growth of mobile apps and other tech-driven products. The primary role of software developers is divided into two. That being said, some software developers are tasked with designing applications, whereas, others, especially systems software developers, design interfaces and operating systems. You need a bachelor's degree in software engineering, mathematics, or computer science to be a software developer.

5. Information Technology Manager

On average, IT managers take home $159,010. Ideally, it is expected that by 2030, the number of new jobs in this department will be 52,700. Job outlook through the same year is also fairly good; standing at 11%. IT managers are also referred to as CIOs (chief information officers), CTOs (chief technology officers), computer and information systems managers, IT security managers, or IT directors. The duties of IT managers vary, depending on the company. But if we were to generalize, then we will say that IT managers handle the technology needs of the organization. Plus, they oversee an information technology team. The requirement for an IT manager is a bachelor's degree in a computer/information science-related field. Some employers prefer a Master's in Business Administration, though.


Technology is no doubt one of the fastest-growing as well as most in-demand industries. This means you will be spoilt for choice should you choose a career path that is tech-based. In the above list, we have discussed a number of common jobs for someone interested in technology. Therefore, go ahead and use it to determine which job is suitable for you.

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