Comparing The Notifier 3030 And Nfs 320 Fire Alarm Systems

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Notifier's ONYX Series NFS2-3030 provides intelligent fire alarm control with over 3,000 devices supported across 10 Signaling Line Circuits. Its UL listing ensures safety. The Notifier 3030 is ideal for medium- to large-scale applications.

Engineered specifically to meet the needs of smaller applications, the NFS-320 is ideal for banks, restaurants, department stores and child care centers that require advanced addressable fire protection. With technologies that reduce installation time and alarm response speeds as well as ease of maintenance and usability.



The NFS 320 Intelligent Fire Alarm Control Panel (FACP) from NOTIFIER's ONYX Series is a networkable system with expansion capability.

It features an advanced microprocessor for fast device polling and the industry's highest device per loop capacity of 318 points. Furthermore, ONYX Intelligent Sensing technology helps it respond more rapidly to smoke or heat conditions while simultaneously decreasing nuisance alarms.

The NFS 320 features a 640-character LCD display and QWERTY keypad designed for field programming and operation, along with an optional surface mount Lexan enclosure. Suitable for virtually all commercial facilities including smaller facilities, high rise buildings, campus complexes and large campuses alike, it can support up to 3,180 intelligent addressable devices through one to ten Signaling Line Circuits (SLCs) while supporting Mass Notification events over fire alarms if desired.



The NFS-320 Fire Alarm Control Panel is an intelligent FACP that utilizes advanced detection technologies to protect residents against smoke, toxic gases and/or carbon monoxide as well as notify firefighting personnel in real time. Furthermore, this FACP can be configured with user preferences to maximize capacity, enhance performance and usability and speed up fire response time.

Notifier fire detection systems detect problems at an early point in their cycle of events, enabling faster action such as evacuation or notifying emergency fire services immediately - providing the chance to stop further spread and protect occupants and valuable assets from fire damage.

The NFS-320 can be expanded via NOTI*FIRE*NET intelligent fire alarm network to support up to ten Signaling Line Circuits and 3,180 intelligent addressable devices, providing maximum protection for applications from modest low-rise structures to high-rise buildings. It features Intelligent Sensing - a multi-step process which analyzes each reading in order to provide enhanced detection capabilities - with nine sensitivities levels and Self-Optimizing pre-alarm, automatically setting detectors higher than their peak analog readings over time.



The NFS-320 Intelligent Fire Alarm Control Panel from ONYX Series, is designed and engineered for small applications. With its modular design, it can accommodate one to ten Signaling Line Circuits supporting up to 3,180 intelligent addressable devices. Networkable with other panels and devices it easily provides protection for facilities as large as campuses or high-rise office buildings; wireless fire protection can also be added using SWIFT wireless gateway and devices.

The EST3 platform is software-driven, providing for changes and upgrades even years after initial system installation. When combined with NFS-320 it provides an integrated fire alarm, security, mass notification solution suitable for facilities of any size.

FlashScan intelligent device polling protocol ensures it exceeds worldwide code requirements for responding to smoke and heat incidents, with its auto programming feature guaranteeing faster responses during fire conditions and its large 640-character LCD display making basic maintenance functions such as enable points or detector sensitivity testing much simpler for facility managers.



The Notifier panel will keep an eye on your system and notify first responders as devices detect an emergency situation, providing valuable insight. Furthermore, first responders can use it to pinpoint high risk areas during an evacuation as well as communicate with residents during a crisis in order to aid their safe evacuation quickly and safely.

The NFS-320 Fire Alarm Control Panel from ONYX Series, certified to UL standards, was engineered and designed specifically to address small applications. Its features allow faster response times while simplifying maintenance and usability for greater ease.

This FACP can be configured with just a few devices for smaller buildings or networked with many to protect a campus or large office block. Wireless fire protection can also be added via the SWIFT wireless gateway and devices.

Notifier's EST3 operating platform is software-controlled, making changes and upgrades to operations simpler and less expensive - even years later! Furthermore, its flexibility provides ample opportunities for future growth to meet current or anticipated requirements.

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