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If you're going to make an animated explainer film for your company, you may have questions such as, "How much does an explainer video cost?" "What am I going to pay money for?" "What is the process?" and "Who are the greatest hands in the field who can help me implement this?" You've found the right location if you have them. We will attempt to address all of these concerns in this essay.

How Much Does an Animated Explainer Video Set You Back?

Depending on a variety of circumstances, the cost of an explainer film might range from 5000 USD to 35 000 USD. The animation style, studio, and country of creation are frequently included.

The Cost of Explainer Videos is Defined by Several Factors

An animated explainer video's price is largely determined by two elements. The video's duration and animation style are these. Let us consider closer each of them a little more closely.

1. Longevity

When it comes to animated video production, the phrase "time is money" has a unique meaning. One of the cost-determining elements is usually the duration of the video. The cost of a video increases as it becomes longer. Micromarketing is becoming increasingly popular in today's marketing. It indicates that in the digital world, so-called "micro-videos" (less than one minute) are garnering even greater attention and popularity.

The video doesn't have to belong to be remarkable and incredible. 30 seconds, 60 seconds, and 90 seconds are the most popular lengths for explanation videos. Since the average user's attention span has been much shorter in recent years, anything longer than 90 seconds does not perform as well as shorter films.

2. Style of Animation

Another important consideration is the animation style, which determines the project's level of difficulty. The most common animation styles are shown here. Let us examine them more closely.

3. Animation on a whiteboard

The creation of pictures and animations on a white background is known as whiteboard animation. The author's hand is usually present in the video and narration, drawing the story. According to the complexity of its application in an explainer film, it's one of the most economical animation styles.

4. Visual effects

Computer animation that uses graphical components instead of characters is known as motion graphics. One of the most adaptable styles is this. Illustrators and animators can use it to represent virtually any concept. The cost is determined by the degree of difficulty of the graphics. It could range from the cheapest to the most expensive quotes available.

5. Animation in both 2D and 3D

Animation styles that are both 2D and 3D are frequently used together. They're mentioned together because they're frequently mixed in the video. Characters and objects are linearly moved in a two-dimensional space in 2D animation. In contrast, constructing complex object rotations, twists, and turns in a three-dimensional environment is what 3D animation entails.

As a result, 2D animation is less expensive than 3D animation while still looking fantastic in videos. The video is more visually interesting and realistic thanks to 3D animation, which makes it look like a professional Disney cartoon. However, the cost may be more than that of 2D animation.

6. Typeset Kinetic

It entails animating text and various typographic elements. While it may appear to be an aesthetically unappealing style at first glance, when combined with an interesting narrative, it may be extremely effective in an explainer video.

7. Animated Stop Motion

Stop motion animation is an animated filmmaking technique in which objects are physically changed in small increments between individually captured frames to simulate motion when the frames are played back. It's a fun form of animation, but it's usually more expensive than other options.

Six Stages of Animated Video Production That Determine The Cost:

Research, script development, storyboarding, voiceover creation, design and animation, and sound design are typically the six steps of the animation production process. The animated explanation is costed by all of them.

1. Research

To produce visual and audial sections of the video and transmit the desired message in the best way, the animation team researches your product and industry.

2. Scriptwriting

The crew now creates a video script. It consists of the animation's storyline and narrative. The entire video production cost may be reduced if the client already has a screenplay. However, working on a script with a professional writer and animation team is highly recommended because they are familiar with what works best in a video and engages the audience.

3. Storyboard

Illustrators and animators draw up everything that will happen in the video at this point, including people, environments, objects, and their actions.

4. Voiceover

The narration for the story is recorded at the voiceover stage. A professional voice artist is usually hired to do it.

5. Animation and Design

The concept has now been turned into a fun animated video. The animator pulls all the visuals together and gives life to the illustrations.

6. Audio Design 

Producing a unique sound for the animated video or selecting royalty-free background music are both options at this phase. Creating distinctive audio effects is also part of it.

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