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App developers have over the years built a nest in the UK [United Kingdom] judging by being called the Powerhouse for app developers. Little wonder why projections have carefully forecasted the market to surpass 31 billion come the year 2025... some numbers, right? 

Mobile apps have been chosen as Man's haven for utilities and comfort, and just so you remember, there is an app for most of your possible manual worries, if not yet available, there is something close to it available.  

In today's article, I shall be beaming light on the cost to develop an app in the UK and what sums up the value; do not be in a hurry to leave till you read through to the end. 

Why do I need a mobile app in the UK? 
Mobile apps have been considered an option for business brands in the UK, and the best part is the Mobile app is not centered towards all techy stuff or sale of the product but also the rendering of services which could range from edibles to the need of a specialist for repairs and servicing.  

One of the fuels to this spike in migration would be the statistics shown in 2019, where it was seen that about 79% of adults in the United Kingdom had a smartphone. However, the Brits have been seen to spend an average of 2 hours, 34 minutes each day navigating their mobile phones, with one out of every five minutes spent on social media, on the comfort of a 4G network for a smooth mobile experience. 

How much does it cost to develop an app in the UK? 
Mobile app developers can be found all around the United Kingdom, however, the good quadrant of them are identified around London. The capital is home to 31% of the city's 8000 app-development-related businesses, with the southeast region accounting for the remaining 25% and according to Vision Mobile's forecast, the economy would be valued at over GBP 30 billion by the year 2030. 

With a market as thriving as this, how much would it cost to have my app designed and developed you may ask? 

Just because the UK has some of the best app developers in the world, prices can be comparable to the worldwide average. A single platform app may cost GBP 38,000, according to an app development pricing calculator, while a two-platform app could cost GBP 42,000. These fees are estimated for creating an app from the ground up, complete with a multi-lingual interface, a user account, in-app purchases, and a bespoke UI design. 

The hourly rate charged by a developer is likewise close to the global average. 

Considerations when selecting an app developer
Choosing an app developer aside from the place of skill and delivery could also mean a match to your budget, however, here are some pointers to help you do the best pick. 

1. Have a budget
There is a need to have a plan in as much as you intend to have you the best of the app. It might be pricey based on your view, however, ensure you don't settle for less all in the bid to save cost. 

2. Identify your intent
It would be easier if you have identified why you intend to create an app. I mean it wouldn't be just as a chevron to your company arm, but for simplified service delivery and brand visibility. Identify core unique features that would separate you from the pool of options, identify your theme, identify the platforms to run your mobile app as well. 

3. Seek recommendations
In a place where you have a pool of experts, it would be a turf going through the internet scouting for that perfect app developer. It could be streamlined and easier when you seek guidance from people in your industry or demographic on possible options, this saves you time which you can convert into ensuring you get tailored services. 

4. Review their portfolio
So, you have fewer options to consider based on recommendations, it is now time that you review each of their majors, not just their vision statement and their merits, but check people's projects they had worked on. This would also better shape your idea. 

5. Seek clarity
When in doubt, ask questions, right? So, gather them all, and when you send for a meet-up or presentation, air all of your views for your clarity. Be sure that your vision is well understood and while you ask that they give a recap on your intent, just to be certain you are in sync. 
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