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One of the common nightmares of travel is lost or misidentified luggage. While it happens to the best of us, luggage sets are investments, and you expect to have yours for a long time. How can you reduce the risks of lost luggage? The best way to protect your luggage is to purchase unique pieces and create custom sets. Stylish and personalized luggage stands out and is less likely to be forgotten or taken accidentally by a stranger.


The Benefits of Creating a Custom Luggage Set

While the reduced risk of lost luggage is enough for most people to invest in a custom luggage set, other benefits exist. First, custom sets allow for self-expression and personalization. You can select the colors, patterns, and embellishments that speak to your personality. Also, don't forget the monogram. Putting your initials on a bag is an excellent way to eliminate the possibility of misidentification.

A custom luggage set also allows for functional matching and coordinated design. You can have pieces in the same color, same material, or complementary patterns. Also, choose different sizes for specific purposes, like carry-on and check-in. You can also choose bags with nesting capabilities for convenient storage when not in use.

Finally, a custom luggage set can mean a quicker and easier baggage claim process. Imagine walking up to baggage claim and seeing the conveyor of black and beige luggage. Suddenly, your bright, vibrant, patterned luggage appears from around the corner. There is no reason to check tags because your monogram is in large print on the face of the pieces.


Sets of 2 or 3

As you select your custom luggage set, you can't forget about size and variety. You don't want several bags that are all too large for carry-on, especially if you have a long flight. As you review a luggage size chart, determine which sizes best suit your needs and how many bags are best for your set.

Most people opt for two bags: one carry-on and one larger check-in. The pair is perfect for short trips and medium-length stays. If you are a business traveler, two bags are likely enough because you rarely stay in any one place longer than a few days.

Still, sometimes, you want to go on an extended vacation. You may want three bags for a longer vacation: one carry-on and two check-ins. Three bags offer maximum packing flexibility.


The Family Styling Together

When it comes to vacations, most people travel with family. Since you are looking for custom pieces, it makes sense to look for coordinated or matching sets, especially for check-in luggage. The family receives the same benefits as the individual: easy baggage claim, personalization, etc. If each family member wants a unique bag, consider getting the same monogram on all the bags to make them easier to find at baggage claim.

Custom luggage sets can help reduce the risks of lost or misidentified luggage, helping to ensure you get to your destination with all your belongings. If you have never designed a custom luggage set, consult a luggage retailer with experience.

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