Crypgraph Review: Better Access to Global Markets and Assets

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Crypgraph Review - Better Access to Global Markets and Assets 

Crypgraph Overview 

Account Minimum


Available Products

Stocks, Crypto, Bonds, Mutual Funds, Forex, Options, ETFs, Commodities, Futures, Foreign ADRs & IPOs


$0 for stocks and ETFs 

$0.65 per contract options fee

Account costs 

No inactivity fees 

No account closure fees

Trading Platforms 

Desktop and Web


Videos, articles, infographics and webinars 

Customer Support 

Phone, Email and Live Chat

Pros and Cons 


  • Broader market access 

  • Robust selection of securities and assets 

  • Superior research and analysis tools 

  • Extensive educational materials 


  • Trading platforms can be a bit intimidating to beginners 

Where Crypgraph Excels 

Broader market access 

Crypgraph has continually developed an extensive network of market centers, including regulated exchanges and automated trading platforms worldwide. It allows its clients access to several markets across more than 30 countries. Besides, Crypgraph supports trading using over 20 currencies. 

Robust selection of securities and assets 

Crypgraph also boasts a vast selection of investment products to meet the unique demands of beginner investors, casual traders, and professionals. Apart from regular assets and securities, the broker provides many excellent products with fixed returns. 

Superior research and analysis tools 

Crypgraphdesktop and web-based platforms are potent programs packed with a wide range of tools and capabilities. The platforms provide interactive charts, custom watchlists, screeners, trading idea generators, and real-time data streaming. Traders can also access news, calculators, and several other advanced features. 

Where Crypgraph Falls Short 

Trading platforms can be intimidating to beginners 

Although Crypgraph offers dual trading platforms for traders of different experience levels, the advanced tools and features can overwhelm less-experienced users. Besides, the broker currently has no mobile app. 

Who is Crypgraph Best For?

Crypgraph mainly appeals to active international traders who demand access to several global markets, a broader selection of investments, and advanced trading tools. However, beginners and casual traders can also benefit from its zero account minimums, competitive fees, and extensive educational resources.  

More Details About Crypgraph

Trading Platforms 

Crypgraph clients have two trading platforms to choose from desktop and web-based. Both platforms give traders access to similar assets and securities. While the two versions generally have streamlined tools and features, Crypgraph desktop platform is more advanced. 

All the platforms leverage a proprietary order routing software that allows you to execute trades automatically at the best market prices. However, you can still route orders to specific market centers based on your goals. 

The desktop version offers numerous customizable tools and features tailored to the needs of active traders. Users can access custom charts, screeners, evaluators, calculators, real-time data streaming, trading idea generators, quotes, alerts, portfolio analysis, and news. 

Crypgraph web-based version also provides an almost similar experience but lacks some advanced capabilities. For example, it supports multi-leg options, but advanced order types are only accessible on the desktop. 

Product Offerings 

Crypgraph is a multi-asset brokerage with robust investment options for all investors and traders. Its portfolio has a long list of assets, securities, and other investment offerings, with irregular and fixed returns. Here are the tradeable products on Crypgraph. 

  • Stocks (long and short)

  • ETFs 

  • Options 

  • Bonds (treasury, municipal, corporate, CDs)

  • Forex (more than 20 currency pairs)

  • Cryptocurrencies (over 20 significant cryptocurrencies)

  • Commodities, including precious metals 

  • Futures 

  • Foreign ADRs 

  • IPOs 

Fees and Commissions 

Apart from its $0 account minimum, Crypgraph also has a no-commissions policy for online stock and ETF trading. 

Opening an options account incurs a $0.65 per contract fee. 

Also, there are no account inactivity, closure, or transfer fees. 

Most international orders are subject to exchange fees. 

Other transactions on Crypgraph attract different fees and margin interest rates, mainly based on contracts and tiers. Talk to the broker for a complete layout of their pricing and costs. 


Crypgraph offers plenty of educational resources available for free across all its platforms. The materials are available in diverse formats and languages for ease of use. It provides tutorial videos, expert articles, infographic content, and webinars. 

Customer Support 

Crypgraph also treats its customers with reliable and personalized support services. You can conveniently interact with their agents via phone, email, and live chats.  

Is Crypgraph Right for You?

Crypgraph's broader market access, robust product offerings, and superior research and trading tools make it an excellent choice for the active international trader. While its diverse investment options, educational content, and reliable customer support can appeal to an average trader, Crypgraph is best suited to professionals. Please talk to this broker for more details. 

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