Cutting-Edge Functionalities Of Baldr Pro Tactical Flashlight

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A timeless tech flashlight is an indispensable tool that nowadays can do much more than just illumination! Where flashlights are just a tool to illuminate places, the Olight's Baldr Pro takes it to the next level by combining a green laser with a flashlight. Baldr Pro is a one-of-a-kind tactical flashlight that packs a punch of innovative features you can use extensively.

Catering to the needs of tactical professionals, outdoor enthusiasts and many more Olight's Baldr Pro offers an array of advantages. Undoubtedly, you can utilize its advantages and cutting-edge functionalities of super bright LED, robust durability, massive runtime etc to do a handful of tasks.

So, let's delve into the intricate functioning of Baldr Pro:


High-Performance Brightness

A pivotal factor determining the capabilities and performance of the flashlight is its LED! Since Baldr Pro offers a robust LED with an impressive output of a max of 1,350 lumens, its performance is exceptional. With the power of its high-performance neutral white LED, you can glow your surroundings and make them remarkably visible.

Whether you are an outdoor enthusiast or a law enforcement individual the Baldr Pro can prove to be valuable in illuminating the darkest of places. Even when navigating the wilderness the flashlight can assist you in seeing the farthest of the area with its beam distance of 853ft.

Coming with a TIR optic lens to improve the quality beam focus, Baldr Pro's light has an intensity of 16,900 candelas.   


Convenient Operation

Efficiency while operating a tactical flashlight can make a whole world of difference! How? While exploring the wilderness, hiking, camping or even on law enforcement duty a tactical flashlight can assist in self-defence. By allowing you to either temporarily blind or send help signals with its powerful illumination.

So, even a little inconvenience while operating can have significant consequences. Considering that, the Baldr pro flashlight offers you a unique user-friendly design that is convenient to operate. With just a click of its rear switch, you can activate the flashlight and control it for performing multiple tasks.


Precise Green Laser

Visible both day and night the Baldr Pro's tactical light comes with a robust green laser! While offering you illumination of the flashlight it allows you to have a green laser sight that can be used for several purposes. Whether it's for aiming or for self-defence and law enforcement use the green laser is valuable for distinct uses.  

Compared to red laser the brightness of green laser is unparalleled with its Class IIIa <5mW laser that is visible during daylight. Proving a precise aim of the target the Baldr Pro's green laser can make all the difference in situations where each second counts. 


Compact Size

Despite all the wonderful features packing all the power a tactical light can offer the Baldr Pro is compact in size. You can handle it swiftly and use it without facing any major inconvenience while using it with equipment. The tactical flashlight has dimensions of  3.30 inches in length, 1.44 inches in width, and 1.75 inches in height, making it much more portable and reliable for handy use.


Robust Durability

Excelling at robust durability the Baldr Pro's strong and rugged body is made from aluminium alloy. Approved with a drop test of 1.5 meters you can use the Baldr Pro without having to worry about accidental falls. Its compact design with high-grade build is made to last for a longer period by having an IPX4 rating.

The IPX4 rating ensures the flashlight won't face any issues due to water spaless and can perform even in rainy weather. Being a tactical flashlight made solely with rough use in mind the Baldr Pro is an ideal pick for anyone looking for a durable tactical flashlight.


Long Run Time

With an impressive Olight CR123A battery the Baldr Pro can run for as long as 210 minutes in low mode. While oo high mode a battery would last around 1 minute + 115 minutes with laser ON and 1 minute + 125 minutes with laser OFF. Each battery is of 1600mAh so while using the laser or flashlight you can rely on it to perform adequately.


Versatile Compatibility

Olight's Baldr Pro tactical flashlights come without multiple attachments with which's use you can attach the flashlight to your equipment. There are Rail Screw, Adjustable Screw, T6/T8 Socket Head Wrench and Picatinny (Mil-std-1913) Rail Mount that you get with Baldr Pro.

This many mountable attachment allows you to significantly use the tactical Baldr pro flashlight with versatile equipment. Overall, you get to seamlessly equip the flashlight and integrate it with equipment without facing troubles.



While there are numerous tactical flashlights available the Baldr pro stands out by providing a handful of cutting-edge features. From par excellence LED and green laser integration to impressive build, versatile mountablity and portability the Baldr Pro flashlight is unmatched.

Whether you are a professional, outdoor enthusiast or law enforcement the use of Baldr Pro can play a key role in illuminating or targeting the areas for various tasks.

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