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Expatriates or ex-pats are people who leave their home country to live in another country in search of daily bread, a better life, or, in rare situations, citizenship relinquishment.

I'm sure you don't have to think too hard to recall seeing one or two this week, assuming you aren't one yourself. The truth is that expatriates abound in the UAE, and just as the UAE has always been regarded as a shelter for humanity, expats exist there as well.

In this essay, I'll explain how the UAE aids expats in need of financial assistance, as well as other charity and humanitarian assistance.


Who are expatriates residents in UAE?

It's fascinating to realize that the United Arab Emirates is home to over 200 ethnic groups. The UAE is clearly a melting pot of cultures, with 8.84 million total ex-pats in 2021, out of a total population of 9.99 million. Indians and Pakistanis are the two largest expatriate communities in the country, accounting for 28 percent and 12 percent of the total population, respectively. In the United Arab Emirates, Westerners account for 461,000 persons, or 5.1 percent of the total population.

They must have foreseen the UAE's greatness because immigrants began arriving in the country before independence, providing the UAE one of the world's largest populations of expats.

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Where expatriates can get financial aids in the UAE? 

In her compassion and good heart, the UAE extends a helping hand to immigrants, especially ex-pats, who are seeking financial assistance through several established platforms.

 Following the COVID-19 attack, it was discovered that numerous people had lost their employment, while others had their pay slashed, making survival difficult for them. This and other factors have led to the formation of welfare organizations and charitable houses that provide assistance to people who have been impacted, as well as financial assistance for those who are undergoing surgery.


For your convenience, some of the locations, their requirements, and expertise are given below.


1. Dar Al Ber Society

Dar al Ber is a non-profit organization that helps needy expats financially in UAE. Expats can go online to to inquire about when they can file a request.

dar al ber society contact number is +971 4 352 3333

dar al ber society email address is


Required Documents are:

• Passport and residency visa copies
• Emirates IDs copies
• Update to date salary certificate / Non-employment certificate
• Tenancy contract
• Proof of school fees
• 3-month bank statement


For General requests:

• The salary should be 6000 dirhams or less for residents.
• Should be a resident of Dubai, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah, and Fujairah
• That family members reside with the applicant
• They have a valid residence permit
• That it has been a complete year since the previous assistance
• The purpose of the request for assistance should be: rent, tuition fees, university fees, electricity bills, tickets for final departure.
• Applications and files are sorted based upon those cases that match the conditions and the rest will be cancelled without notifying applicants that don't fulfill the announced conditions.

Treatment cases:

• Open heart surgery
• Cardiac catheterization process
• Kidney dialysis
• Kidney Transplant
• Gallbladder removal surgery
• Tonsillectomy
• Gallstone removal process
• Operations related to respiratory diseases
• Operations related to the digestive system
• Eye operations
• Spine, joint and bone surgeries
• Varicose operations
• Dental surgery
• Nose, ear and throat surgery
• Cancer surgery
• Birth fees
• Purchasing of prosthetics
• Hernia operation
• Cochlear implant
• Wheelchairs

Requests are reviewed, and those that do not meet the requirements are rejected.


2. Beit Al Khair

Beit Al Khair is another reputable financial institution in the UAE. You can contact them by sending an email to

Please keep in mind that you must give all supporting documents and information for your case.


3. Sharjah Charity International

Sharjah Charity International is a non-profit organization located in the United Arab Emirates that specializes in disaster relief and humanitarian assistance.

They know how to pay rent, school fees, and medical bills.

As previously stated, you will be needed to produce supporting papers.


How do I apply for charity in the Dubai, United Arab Emirates?

Residents of the UAE who desire to start a charity can do so by visiting the Ministry of Community Development's website. If the subject is an expatriate, they must apply to the ministry through their embassy or consulate in the UAE.


Paying Zakat

Paying zakat is one of the five pillars of Islam, and it comprises giving money to those who are less fortunate or in need. Zakat is collected and distributed by the Zakat Fund to its own initiatives and activities, as well as those of its partners.


What is the procedure for applying for Zakat?

Anyone can apply for Zakat online using the UAE Zakat Fund's criteria, as long as all of the UAE's Zakat Fund's conditions are met. You have the option of filing a petition to have your claim re-examined if your request was denied or the amount supplied was insufficient.


In Dubai, where can I get a loan?

If you are approved for a personal loan in the UAE, you can use it to pay for almost anything you need.

However, if you have a poor credit score, your prospects of obtaining one are minimal.

The three types of alternatives for getting a loan are shown below.

1. Online lenders. 

2. Credit Union 

3. Banks. 

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