Debunking 5 Most Common Myths About Traffic Laws in New Jersey

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Getting a traffic ticket is something no one wants while behind the wheel, but many drivers may be inclined to exceed the speed limit in certain situations. Being pulled over is never enjoyable, as it can pose dangers to you and other drivers on the road. In addition to the risks involved, receiving traffic tickets can result in fines and severe consequences. Various reasons can lead to a traffic ticket, such as reckless driving, cellphone use, speeding, etc. Without a Traffic Lawyers Marshall Law Firm, reducing traffic ticket fines and mitigating consequences can be challenging.

Traffic laws are already complex for anyone to understand or navigate. Myths about these laws can further complicate matters for those issued traffic tickets. Individuals needing more knowledge about traffic laws may easily believe these myths, leading to potential problems. For instance, some might believe the myth that driving with a suspended license in New Jersey is permissible. However, doing so can result in severe penalties and consequences.

Did you know that the most frequently cited traffic violations in New Jersey often have no connection to injuries or accidents? Let's debunk the five most common myths about traffic tickets or traffic laws in New Jersey:

Careless Driving and Reckless Driving are Both the Same

The first and foremost myth is about these terms because they sound similar. In reality, however, they are different. It is vital to understand that reckless driving is a criminal offense while careless driving is a civil citation. Reckless driving is when you intend to harm property or a person, whereas careless driving can be considered negligent. A careless driver tends to violate traffic laws unintentionally. For example, if they drive above the speed limit, run through a red light, etc.

It is Possible to Handle Traffic Laws Without a Lawyer

While many people search for "Speeding Ticket Law Firms Near Me" when they get a traffic ticket, others may have different thoughts. Another famous myth is that handling New Jersey traffic laws is possible even without a lawyer.

But, having a lawyer on your side when issued traffic tickets will make a massive difference to your case. Not only can they reduce the penalties, but they can also negotiate better with prosecutors.

Driving With a Suspended License Doesn't get Worse

New Jersey traffic laws are often complex to handle. When you get traffic tickets, regardless of the reasons, it will impact your driver's license. In the event of a traffic violation, your license may get suspended. But if someone told you that driving with a suspended license is still good, ensure you know it's only a myth. The consequences of driving on a suspended license are often severe and shouldn't be taken carelessly. Instead, if your license was suspended due to reckless driving, you should hire a Reckless Driving Lawyer Near Me in New Jersey.

You could Escape Penalties if Violations Occurred Outside of New Jersey

It is another prevalent myth about the New Jersey traffic laws that you shouldn't believe. This is because the violations outside New Jersey could impact your driving history and record. Did you know you can get two points on your license even if you violate traffic laws outside New Jersey? Instead of believing this myth, you should get familiar with applicable laws inside and outside New Jersey. This is the only way to avoid paying hefty fines and ward off other severe consequences.

The Points on your Driver's License Don't Matter Much

Traffic violations in New Jersey carry different points, depending on the nature of the traffic law violations. But accumulating six or more points on your driver's license can make things worse for you to handle. For example, you must pay hefty fines if you have 6 points on your license. But when the number increases from 6 to 12, it is more likely that your driver's license will be suspended. Hence, it is always better to keep the points as reduced or low as possible.

You may have few choices or options upon getting your driver's license suspended. The only door open for you should be hiring Traffic Lawyers Marshall Law Firm with experience handling such matters. These are the lawyers who already have handled such types of cases in the past. Hence, they have everything: experience, expertise, network, and other important things that might make a difference to your case.  

However, one should always remember you are getting traffic points on your license, and it will make things even more challenging for you in the future. So, avoid them and follow all the applicable traffic laws and regulations! If you can follow all the rules or laws, the odds are lower that you will face any consequences related to traffic tickets. Otherwise, you will need a lawyer to help with your traffic tickets whether reducing the fines or completely diminishing the offenses.

Stay alert, stay protected! 

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