Different accents in English | Which is the best?

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There are quite a few differences between the various accents in English. Which is the best? Should you choose one or the other? We talk about it in this article.


Differences between the different accents in English:

Traveling and practicing the language with English speakers is the most effective, fast, and fun way to learn English. But which study destination to choose? Is there one accent better than another? The differences between the different accents in English can influence the choice of our study abroad destination.


American accent

Taking into account the differences between the different territories of the country, the accent of the United States of America is one that we are more used to hearing since it is the accent of the movies and that of businesses. It is easier for English to understand and imitate than the British, perhaps that is why it is the most widespread accent today.

And it is not just about accents, there are also sayings or jargon, known in English as "slangs" or "idioms", these are an important part of the language of each country. For example, it is very common in American English to call the bathroom: bathroom or restroom, while in the United Kingdom, the most used word will be the toilet. Now, if you're in Canada, the word you're going to want to use is Washroom.


British accent

It is one of the most beautiful English accents to hear. England is the cradle of English and it shows in the pronunciation, which takes on a highly attractive refined nuance. It is the most academic English accent, the “standard”.

But beware, the Liverpool scouse accent and the Scottish accent are so characteristic that at first, they are almost impossible to understand.

Differences between the different English The British Lewis Hamilton has the characteristic accent of his native country


Other accents in English

Nor is it easy to understand the Australian accent, with aboriginal influences and its sayings (slang), nor the Maltese accent, also very particular and more relaxed.

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One of the most neutral accents, due to its proximity to the northern United States, is the Canadian accent.

And we could continue mentioning characteristic English accents, such as Jamaican or Texas -United States-, but taking into account the most common accents, which is the best?


What is the best accent in English?

The truth is that there is no English accent better than another. They all have their charm and their peculiarities, and the most important thing is to take into account our destination for the accent if we are very clear that we are going to need that specific accent in English.

The accents are different, but English is always the same and the important thing, wherever you are, is to master it. Because if you speak English fluently, in the end, you will be able to understand yourself with any English speaker, whatever accent they have.

After all, those of us who learn to speak English as adults -after the age of 18- will always develop some accent or another, influenced by our mother tongue. But that's not a problem. Except for very specific cases that require it for professional reasons, that particular accent of each one is what will make us stand out from the rest, giving us our stamp of personality and charm. Some will even find it attractive or sexy.

The most important thing is that you get the most out of your learning English and that you let your accent give you that touch of color that, if you know how to take advantage of it, can surely open many doors for you.

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