Different P. Cubensis and the Strongest Mushroom Strain

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Psilocybe cubensis is a species of psychedelic mushrooms containing the psychoactive compound psilocybin. This species exhibits differences in appearance, potency, and growth characteristics.

Psilocybe cubensis is also one of the popular Psilocybe mushroom genus. These fungi thrive in dung and produce the well-known hallucinogen psilocybin. Although they originally grow in nature, it is possible to cultivate these species of shroom. 

The relative ease of cultivation has led to the proliferation of various Psilocybe cubensis strains in the market. Therefore, let's delve into the world of these different mushroom varieties and discover the strongest mushroom strains available online.


Key Takeaways:

- There are 60 different P. cubensis strains include Golden Teachers, B+, Penis Envy Mushrooms, and Pink Buffalo.

- The most popular psilocybe cubensis strains are Golden Teachers, B+, Penis Envy, Cambodian, Alacabenzi, PF classic, Florida White, Z strain, Blue Meanies, and Burma.

- The curiosity of cultivators has given rise to potent Psilocybe cubensis strains, with Penis Envy being the most popular among these potent mushrooms.


Discovering Psilocybe Cubensis

Psilocybe cubensis stands out as the most widely recognized species among magic mushrooms. The mycologist Franklin Sumner Earle was the first to document and characterize this mushroom variety during a trip to Cuba. This is how it acquired the name "cubensis," signifying its origin in Cuba. 

Psilocybe cubensis encompasses several subspecies. The original strain possesses a brown cap, while Psilocybe cyanescence exhibits a lighter hue, and Psilocybe caerulascens, originating from Indochina, features a more yellowish top.

The original Psilocybe cubensis boasts a smooth but adhesive cap, occasionally adorned with fragments of delicate, veil-like material. Initially white, it ages to brown, turning blue when disturbed. This bluish tint gradually transforms into black over time.

Thanks to decades of deliberate selective breeding, 60 distinct strains of P. cubensis exist today, such as Golden Teachers, B+, Penis Envy Mushrooms, and Pink Buffalo.


Popular Magic Mushroom Strains

Explore a selection of well-known magic mushroom strains celebrated for their potency. These strains offer a balanced and manageable psychedelic experience for appealing choices for those seeking a journey into the world of magic mushrooms.





Golden Teacher



Penis Envy












PF classic



Florida White



Z Strain



Blue Meanies








Golden Teacher

The precise origin of the Golden Teacher remains uncertain, but it emerged on the scene in the late 1980s. This strain is suitable for beginners due to its moderate to high potency. Golden Teachers produce substantial mushrooms featuring broad, golden-hued caps and robust stems. 


Penis Envy

Penis Envy mushrooms feature a thicker stem and a smaller, more curved cap. A trip with Penis Envy stands out for its rapid onset, featuring undulating visuals rather than geometric patterns and having a relatively mild impact on the body. Users describe the experience as "clean," with the primary impact on their mental and emotional state rather than the physical aspect.



Recommended for first-time users due to its relatively gentle psychedelic experience, B+ resembles the effects of Golden Teachers. B+ shrooms have golden-brown caps and white stems that develop a blueish hue when handled.



The Alacabenzi strain is said to have originated from the P. cubensis variant and P. mexica. It is known for producing exceptionally large fruiting bodies. It induces a relatively mild psychedelic experience, somewhat akin to certain cannabis strains, making it suitable for beginners. 



Regarding the potency of the Cambodian strain, it's evident that these mushrooms deliver a strong impact. Users describe trips as not overly visual but are rich in energy and promote a highly creative or philosophical mindset.


PF Classic

The "PF" strain gets its name from the strain developer, Psilocybe Fanaticus, who also receives credit for inventing PF-tek mushroom cultivation. Users have reported a vivid visual experience, particularly at higher doses, and an inclination towards creativity and introspection.


Florida White

Florida White (F+) mushrooms are identifiable by the presence of mycelial spots on their golden caps. Users have reported potency above the norm, leading to intense visuals and a substantial body high. At higher doses, users may experience a numbing sensation in the body.


Z Strain

This strain yields large fruiting bodies characterized by remarkably long stems. It exhibits rapid growth and produces bountiful fruitings on multiple occasions. Z-strain is known for its moderate potency, inducing a prolonged, highly visual, and profoundly euphoric psychedelic experience.


Blue Meanies

Blue Meanie refers to both a well-known strain of P. cubensis and a commonly used name for Panaeolus Cyanescens, a distinct but related species. The Blue Meanie strain of P. cubensis is identifiable by its bluish stem. It is recognized for its high potency compared to other P. cubensis strains, leading to an exceptionally visual and prolonged psychedelic experience.



The Burma strain earns recognition for its rapid and vigorous growth, its potency, and the enjoyable trip it produces. Burma might not rank as the most potent strain and tends to have lower potency when compared to typical Psilocybe cubensis varieties.


Most Potent Psilocybe Cubensis Strain

Thanks to the curiosity of cultivators and psychonauts, we've been introduced to a broad spectrum of strains, from moderately potent to extremely powerful. 

From the Cubensis family, there are multiple potent strains available:

- Tidal Wave

- Fuzzy Ball

- Penis Envy (most popular)

- Albino Penis Envy

- Casper



Exploring the vast array of Psilocybe cubensis strains is akin to embarking on a journey of discovery and self-exploration. Each strain, with its unique characteristics and properties, offers a distinct doorway into the world of altered consciousness. With visually intense trips and more balanced experiences, these mushrooms offer a wide range for psychonauts to explore.


Frequently Asked Questions


What are the effects of magic mushrooms?

Magic mushrooms can have a range of effects on the mind and body when consumed. The effects can vary on factors such as the type of mushroom, the dosage, an individual's sensitivity, and their mental state.

- Altered Perception

- Visual Hallucinations

- Euphoria and Intense Emotions

- Introspection and Insight

- Changes in Time Perception

- Spiritual or Mystical Experiences

- Increased Sensory Perception


What are the benefits of using Psilocybe cubensis?

Psilocybe cubensis has gained attention for its potential therapeutic and psychological benefits. Some potential benefits it can offer:

- Mood Enhancement

- Creativity and Problem Solving

- Spiritual and Mystical Experiences

- Reduced Fear of Death

- Addiction Treatment

- Cluster Headache Relief


Why is Psilocybe cubensis popular?

Its widespread availability attributes to Psilocybe cubensis standing out as the most popular. These mushrooms are readily accessible both in physical dispensaries and online outlets. Their ease of cultivation has made them a preferred choice for many psychonauts.


What are the best strains for beginners?

For beginners looking to explore the world of magic mushrooms,  start with strains that are known for their milder and more manageable effects. Some popular Psilocybe cubensis strains that are generally considered suitable for beginners:

- Golden Teacher

- B+ Cubensis

- Cambodian

- Z-Strain

- Ecuadorian


Where to buy magic mushroom strain?

Magic mushrooms are available at physical and online dispensaries, with the latter being convenient, budget-friendly, and discreet. Online dispensaries offer the advantage of a wide selection of strains available in one place, along with the convenience of home delivery. 

Online dispensaries often provide various promotions and bonuses for users to save more on their purchases. When buying online, your privacy is protected, encompassing secure payment options and discreet packaging.

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