Different Ways To Display School Logos

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Every day, businesses put time and effort into designing or selecting a logo for the company. In addition to making a great first impression, they want the logo to stand out, be memorable, and serve as their brand's identity. For instance, consider a large company like Pepsi. Their logo, red, white, and blue in a circle, is recognizable worldwide.

Schools and colleges are like businesses when it comes to logos. Whether they get recognized as the Cougars, the Panthers, or the Fireflies, a logo design is essential for school and team recognition.

For those attending the school, the logo can boost team spirit. However, determining how and where to display logos can take time and effort. Therefore, listed below are great tips and ways for a school to display its logo and boost team spirit.

Agenda Books/Tablets

A critical factor to a student's success is organization. When students are organized, they can keep track of their assignments, homework, and projects better. An agenda book is an excellent way for students to stay organized, accountable and committed to their education.

Agenda books printed for students with the school's logo on the front are a great way to keep students engaged and interested in learning. Being in a school where all students have the same agenda book with its logo is also an excellent way for students to recognize inclusion.

Custom Tee Shirts

Endless companies on the web sell tee shirts in bulk with logos or graphics printed on them. These tee shirts are great for students to have to show school pride. Custom tee shirts are great unifying tools, whether worn during the day to school or a football or basketball game.

Today, there are a lot of easy ways to have a logo printed on a tee shirt. For instance, the school can create and give students heat transfer vinyl with the logo they can iron on a tee shirt they already have. The school can also buy a white toner transfer printer and print tee shirts. Either way, tee shirts make a great way to display a school's logo.

Floor Mats

Having floor mats with the school's logo at the entrance, in the gym, and surrounding the school's field offers branding and protection. It is also a way to separate a school from its competition. Custom logo mats are another way to display a school's logo. For students who attend the school, floor mats with the logo offer a sense of pride and inspiration. For visitors, the logo is more than a welcoming mat. A logo on a floor mat is a way for the school to silently communicate whose "house" they are visiting.


Custom swag and accessories can be purchased without damaging a school's budget. Some accessories include custom lanyards, hair ribbons, buttons and pins, wristbands, and even drawstring bags displaying the school's logo. Each of these items allows students, teachers, families, and friends to show a school in which they share pride.

Entry Stamp

Instead of tickets for entry into a school event, many schools stamp the back side of the hand. The stamp is a way of verifying entry into the event. Having a stamp allows students to leave the auditorium or gym and have proof that they were properly admitted.

Schools can have a stamp custom made to display their logo. The ink for those stamps are made using environmentally safe ink with non-toxic, low-odor, and water-based ingredients. They are chemical free and safe for the skin.


The Pittsburgh Steelers football team has made waving a towel in the air during events a massive show of pride. Like tee shirts, schools can have small hand towels printed with the logo for students to wave during events. Schools can copy the Steelers legendary towel by giving them as swag for students to bring to school events. They excite the crowd and are a great way to display the school's logo.


As you have read, logos are great for branding and identity. For a School looking for ways to display its logo, several fun ways listed above. Using the tips and methods above to display logos in school are great ways to promote pride and boost team spirit.

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