DIY Storage Shed Tips for Your Backyard

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Do you need a safe place to store your tools? Is your lawnmower too big to fit into the garage? Do you think the space in your empty backyard is underutilized? If you answered yes to all these questions, you need to consider building a storage shed. While you might have been toying with this idea for some time now, the reason you’ve never taken it up seriously could be either of these two: One, it will ruin the aesthetics of your house, or two, the extent of cost and effort involved is humongous. What if we tell you there’s a way to maximize your storage in the backyard without shelling out a fortune and yet not compromising on aesthetics and functionality?

We discovered these beautiful DIY shed tips that not only enhance the landscape of your house but also give you a great space to store almost everything that is crowding the space inside your house. Let’s take a look:

Metal Shed

A modern but sleek metal shed can add a lot of value to your backyard. It gives you a secure and sturdy option, protecting your storage from natural elements. The design of such storage sheds should be kept simple as more is less when it comes to metal sheds. You can source scrap metal, buy metal online, or use sheets to DIY a simple shed. To enhance the curb appeal, give it a coat of paint in your color of choice!

Miniature Sheds

Not every homeowner has a grand backyard which gives them the option to create massive backyard sheds. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t create magic in your tiny garden. All you need is a bit of imagination and a dash of inspiration. Try to use the existing elements and create a miniature shed around it. You can think about installing a shed that blends with a tree or setting up one that you can slot against a wall. You might not be able to store heavy equipment inside such a shed, but it would definitely add value to your property and give you a fun little project to work on during the weekends.



Shed with Log Storage

Have you constantly lost precious firewood because you did not have a proper place to store it at those times of the year when it is constantly raining? It’s time to get creative. Simple log storage might look ugly and out of place in your backyard, but if you pair it with wooden storage shed, you will be surprised by the constant compliments you will get from your friends and neighbors for this simple yet effective design. 



Paint Your Shed

Did you build a huge shed in your backyard simply because you had the space? Such garden storage sheds are very common in spacious areas, but the end result is an eyesore that you don’t want to keep but can’t get rid of. Storage-wise you can do a lot of customizations inside; however, you are often cursing your exterior choices. One simple trick that can change the whole landscape and beautify your bulky shed is painting it with the right choice of paint that compliments the rest of the garden. You would be surprised how many homeowners don’t consider this option at all.



Double Door Shed

If you are like us, you would often store items in your backyard shed in an unorganized manner because, at the end of the day, why not? Everything would be hidden behind the door, right? This works seamlessly in most cases for small items that aren’t very big or need less space to retrieve. With bigger items like wheelbarrows, lawnmowers, fishing rods, or golf clubs, it’s a different story, as you would need more space to maneuver. For such bulky items, it is always a good idea to make a double-door shed for easy movement.



Greenhouse Shed

Greenhouses look very appealing, and if you’re someone who has green fingers, you will jump at the idea of having one in your garden. On top of that, you can pair it up with a storage shed that stores all your necessary garden tools literally at arm’s length. Sounds like a dream, right? But with the right mindset and can-do attitude, you can create a greenhouse with storage. You can even get extra creative and add a small sitting area, and now you have a beautiful greenhouse, a storage shed, and a wonderful sitting area for resting and leisure.



Consider a Pool House

A backyard pool is a blessing for any homeowner. Jump into the pool on a hot day or after a tiring day at the office, and all your fatigue is a thing of the past. But owning a pool comes with its set of other items, a pool cleaner, maintenance supplies, pool toys, etc. You can’t leave these items in the open without protection from the outside elements. A pool house can be your savior. It gives you an area to store expensive items, change clothes, and take showers if you plan it judiciously.



These tips might be a perfect way to spend a month or two setting up their storage sheds for curious and more hands-on homeowners who love to dive into DIY projects. However, it comes with additional costs, and sometimes it is cheaper to buy a shed than make one. Commercial options may be more practical, come with the least surprises, and can be customized to your needs in most cases. If you are looking for storage sheds in Dubai and garden sheds, there are many options to consider. Set up your dream shed today!

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