Who should use Dubai's Doctor on Call?

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Today's hospitals and clinics have begun providing patients with home visits from physicians in Dubai to meet their needs, and the demand for these services is rising. Find a trustworthy home visit doctor that is well-known in their field.

The UAE's population of elderly people aged 60 to 70 is expanding at the highest rate, and they are the group most frequently in need of periodic home visits from doctors. The greatest option for elderly and other patients is at-home medical treatment. Patients who are unable to attend the doctor's office or those who are unable to travel genuinely benefit from it, or patients who have:

- Mobility problems brought on by illness or injury

- Invisibility issues that make it risky to drive or travel

- Insufficient transportation

- Difficulties with the mind or memory, such as Alzheimer's

- Several management-related persistent problems

If you match the requirements listed below, you can also request medical assistance at home:

Homebound as defined by the hospital

To avoid, enhance, manage, or halt the progression of the current health problem, you require sporadic or intermittent expert healthcare.

You must be treated by a physician who conducts and records personal visits.

Patients can use a doctor on call service if they require assistance leaving the house, such as a wheelchair, walker, or crutches, or if they fear that doing so could worsen their condition.


Why Would You Need a Doctor to Visit You at Home in Dubai?

Home visit medical services are not a novel idea. In actuality, it predates the time of World War II. This behavior has evolved and taken on a new shape in modern times. Life has become much more straightforward for many individuals, especially the elderly and those unable to get to hospitals or clinics independently. Here are a few advantages of having doctors come to your house:


Saves Time and Money

When a doctor comes to your house, you can save time. Traveling to your doctor's office from home takes time. In this method, you may request a doctor visit you at home. Regular medical visits also reduce the expense of hospitalization. You can quickly contact physicians at home if you are unwell and have mobility issues. You are not required to pay for public transportation. Health insurance policies now cover the services of a doctor in your house.


Safe for those with weak immune systems

For patients with various conditions, staying in waiting rooms is both uncomfortable and risky. It poses a concern to older individuals with weakened immune systems as well as healthy individuals. Your body gets worn out if you go to the doctor because of an ailment. The issue with senior adults is that they become less flexible and mobile as they age, which affects their balance. So, traveling is complex. Having a doctor visit someone at home is usually preferable in those situations.



You may easily contact the doctor at your house even if you only feel like you need a routine checkup and are too busy to stand in line to visit the doctor. You avoid having to deal with traffic and the hassle of parking. This is why scheduling a home visit with your doctor is much more practical. It is particularly true for those who require medical attention the most, particularly elderly people and those who are ill.

You cannot go to the doctor if you cannot drive or lack transportation. In this situation, a home visit could be the best option. If you are sick, all you need to do is stay in bed. Doctor on call or home visit services are quite helpful in this situation.


24/7 Available

One of the primary issues with seeing general practitioners is the working hours. In this way, home visit physicians may offer adequate treatment, visit you even after other doctors' offices close for the day, and even take care of you on the weekends. Therefore, medical services are available 24/7.


Doctor on call Dubai -  800 68 773 




To sum up

Ultimately, we all require home visit medical services for various reasons. In our own house, we feel the most at ease. Therefore, it is usually advisable to receive treatment at home as well.

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