Does portion control help with weight loss?

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I have heard many people suddenly become comedians when advising on how they intend to eat to meet up with a particular figure. Many have further suddenly become dietitians by advising how eating this or that best works and what time is most appropriate to consume a meal. While some of their points could be valid, I mean, I won't lie about that, others have just been a huge joke I can't get over.

Portion control has been considered many times as a safe measure for weight loss, but can we have testifiers to this effect or it is just another punchline for those who tell a diet joke?

In today's read, I will save you from further worries, as we shall visit this subject today, after which you should have clarity on what portion control means and if it affects weight loss or not. This article was brought to you by Energy Meal Plans “ Meal Plan Company in Dubai

What is portion control?

Portion control is simply selecting a reasonable amount of a certain food. Portion control allows you to reap the nutritional benefits of your diet without overindulging. Portion control is quite important since it aids in the digestion of food. 

As against serving a dish that is based on what the eyes can see, portion control is the amount of food you put on your plate. 

If you have to break it down for clarity, we could as well say that portion control aids in the attainment and maintenance of a healthy weight. Do you think you have your answer already? Let's continue now, shall we?

Does portion control help with weight loss?

People routinely eat more food when given larger servings, according to research. When aiming to reduce weight or maintain a good weight balance, it's critical to remember that portion control is crucial. A serving is an exact amount of food, whereas a portion is the amount of food you put on your plate.

People routinely eat more food when given larger servings, according to research from Mayo clinic. 

Ok, you waited so long for this: Yes, portion control helps with weight loss. When it comes to losing weight, portion control is a crucial and effective strategy for weight loss or weight balance as the case be.

Is portion control good for losing weight?

Carrying around measuring cups or using ordinary objects as reminders of appropriate serving sizes, as recommended by the Mayo Clinic Diet, can help with portion management.

Many dishes have analogies to commonplace objects. A medium pepper, for example, is about the size of a baseball and provides one vegetable serving. While not all foods correspond to visual cues, this strategy can help you improve your serving size estimation and portion control.

Portion control is the key to losing weight because most of us eat enough until our stomachs can't hold anymore. So, that means that portion control is key to helping you understand how many calories you take in, and the calories that you take in are key to your losing weight.

How do I train myself to eat smaller portions?

1.      Vegetables should account for at least half of your plate.

2.      Protein should be consumed with every meal or snack.

3.      Take a glass of water with your meal.

4.      Starting with a vegetable soup or salad is a good place to start.

5.      Use forks and plates that are smaller.

6.      Consider what you're eating.

7.      Make your meals more interesting.

8.      Increase your intake of soluble fiber.

With the above stated, portion control helps with weight loss for anyone who seeks to maintain a healthy weight balance. 

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