Best approach to export Office 365 mailbox to PST

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To export Office 365 mailbox to PST is a challenging task for the users, as they have to shift all the data from Microsoft 365 to PST. Users do not want their data to be misplaced between these shifting processes, so they want a perfect solution for the whole process. Exporting the data to PST is a good decision users make, as they will benefit from doing this. Outlook PST is the safest platform for storing as much information as possible.

It will keep their data protected and allow users to access it anytime. Many businesspeople use this platform for office work and save all their crucial data in PST files. Large enterprises look for a platform that can run long and keep their data protected for future use. Outlook PST is the trusted platform; therefore, users export PST from Office 365 for the betterment of their data.


Advantage of exporting Office 365 mailbox to PST

People worldwide work on Office 365 and keep storing their data in it, due to which the size of their mailboxes increases. To escape this situation, users look for a way to export Office 365 mailbox to PST quickly. Now that users are willing to proceed with this task, they want a hassle-free method. There are various advantages for users who export their Office 365 mailbox to PST.

- Big organizations are worried about their data as they store all their crucial information in Office 365. Therefore, they should export Office 365 mailboxes to a PST file to save their data from future mishaps.

- If users accidentally lose their data and want to retrieve it, backing up the data in PST file format is the best option.

- Users can move their PST file data from one place to another anytime, anywhere and through any device.

- Users receive data almost every day, and it increases the size of the mailbox, so it will be better for users to export PST from Office 365.


Technique to backup Office 365 mailbox to PST

Ever since users started using Outlook PST to store their essential data, they have appreciated the security of this platform. Users are impressed with its fantastic performance and want to export Office 365 mailbox to PST quickly. People mostly search for how to proceed with this task and move all their data to PST file format. The procedure can begin with the manual method and the professional third-party tool; these two methods are available for users.

However, manually, the task could be difficult for users, especially those not from a technical background, as it is complicated. The procedure takes ample time to complete, and we urge users to try a professional Office 365 backup Tool for the task. It will finish the process within a minimum time limit and ensure users complete the data backup. Users must go with the authentic and trustworthy tool for the process; otherwise, opting for the wrong tool can make you lose your data altogether.


Export PST from Office 365 manually

- Firstly, open Office 365 and log in with your account and password.

- After that, open the Office 365 admin center and tap on the security option.

- You will be able to see the permission option. Tap on that and then hit the eDiscovery manager from the option.

- After that, hit the edit button, select the eDiscovery administrator, and hit the save option.

- Now from the search option, hit the content option.

- To create a new search, hit the new search button.

- Now enter the name and description for your new search and hit the Next option.

- Afterwards, opt for the mailbox you want to export into PST file format.

- Now as per the requirement, add the condition.

- Users can then review their search settings and hit the submit option.

- Now click the search list option, select your search, and then hit the action option.

- Select the export result option, select your Output, and click the Export option.

- After that, select your last export option from the export tab and hit the download result.

- Now scroll the page and then copy the export key.

- Later, the eDiscovery export tool will appear before you paste the copied key, click on the browse option, and search for your desired location to save the file.

- Lastly, click the start option, and the procedure will begin.


The professional way to export Office 365 mailbox to PST

To begin the task we urge users to try the Shoviv Office 365 backup tool, as it will complete the whole task smoothly.

- First, install the Shoviv Office 365 backup tool in your system.

- Create a new project by selecting connect Office 365 option.

- Now click on modern authentication and click admin user.

- Now fill in the project name and then choose the Exchange server name.

- Enter the password, then hit the sign-in and Ok options.

- Visit the backup directory and click on add icon to create a new backup directory.

- Enter the backup directory name, click the browse option, and search the location to save the PST file.

- Hit the Ok tab, click on a backup job, and select the mailbox type.

- Now choose the mailbox you want to export and filter the item based on date and folder.

- Select the scheduler option. There will be three options run the job manually and start immediately after creating the job and job schedule.

- Hit the start immediately after creating the job option to proceed with the task immediately or schedule the task by clicking on the schedule option.

- Select the occurs, frequency, and duration as required and hit the ok button.

- On the next page, set the thread count, attempt count and select the file size.

- After that, choose the PST to export and click on create backup job option.

- Now the procedure to export Office 365 mailbox to PST file format.



Users willing to proceed with the task can check out the aforementioned tool. The tool will help the users to perfectly export Office 365 mailbox to PST files. It offers a free trial version to explore the tool thoroughly.


Author Name:- Divya Chauhan

Short Author Bio:- Divya Chauhan is a passionate web content writer. She is associated with Shoviv Software for the last three years. Being a tech geek, she has commendable command over Emailing and all its dimensions, and she loves to share it with readers. Blending professional language with a friendly tone is the best part of her writing style.

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