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Every organization uses email clients to manage their emails and business communication. As we know, Office 365 is a cloud-based service that offers various productive applications, including Outlook, Skype, Yammer, etc., to ease the organization's work. Organizations backup Office 365 emails for various purposes that we will discuss in this blog. There is no matter what is the reason behind performing this backup task, this blog will focus on the best solutions to do a backup of Microsoft data in a quick way.


Reasons why organizations look to export Office 365 data

- Organizations also perform the Office 365 backup to make the data portable to local storage.

- The most important reason behind backup Office 365 emails is to secure the crucial data of organizations from accidental data loss.

- As we know, Microsoft offers limited storage to store the data of Office 365, and when it gets full, it may create issues. Therefore, to eliminate these issues, organizations perform Office 365 mailbox backup tasks.

- To protect the data from unexpected virus attacks that may affect the working of Office 365.

These are the common reasons behind performing the Office 365 data backup. But still, it could be more reasons behind this backup that are different for every organization.


Methods to backup MS Office mailboxes

There are two approaches that users use to implement this backup task. Firstly, we will discuss about the manual method and how users perform this backup task using the manual method. After that, we will discuss the Shoviv professional Office 365 backup tool for this backup process. Follow each step carefully to perform this backup process manually. 


Manual approach for backing up Office 365 mailboxes

Microsoft offers a free method named as e-Discovery that users can use to backup Office 365 emails and other items. Before executing the manual method, read all the system requirements. Moreover, to perform Office 365 data export tasks, users need to follow the manual method in three stages. Let's begin the step by step process for Office 365 mailbox backup task.


Stage 1: Choose the e-Discovery administrator

1. First of all, log in to Office 365 with using the administrator credential. 

2. Now open the Office 365 admin center and then click on the Security option.

3. Select the Permission option and choose the e-Discovery from the list.

4. Here the new window will open on your screen. Then, click on the edit button.

5. Lastly, choose the e-Discovery administrator and click on the Save button.


Stage 2: Perform the new content search

1. Go to the Search option and then click on the content search option.

2. Now the new window for a content search option. Select the New search option.

3. Add the name and description for your new content search and click on Next.

4. Choose the location and search the mailboxes that you want to backup, and hit the Next button.

5. Select the keywords and apply conditions as per your requirements. Thereafter click on Next.

6. Finally, review your search setting and then click on Submit.


Stage 3: Export the searched items into PST

1. Select the item which you want to export. And then click on the Action option.

2. After that, click on the Export result, and choose the Outlook option. Then, click on Export.

3. Select the last export from the Export tab. Click on the Download results and then scroll down, and copy the Export key.

4. Now the e-Discovery tool will open. Paste the copied Export key and browse the location where you want to save the PST file. 

5. At last, go to the Start button, and the e-Discovery tool will begin the backup Office 365 emails process.

As we mentioned, these steps can be followed to back up Microsoft 365 data. However, the manual method has some limitations, that's why it is not comfortable for most users to use the manual for Office 365 mailbox backup process. 


Drawbacks of the manual method to export Microsoft emails

- The manual method is a bit complicated and has a lengthy process.

- Moreover, users must have the excellent technical knowledge to handle the manual method.

- It does not allow users to back up particular items of Office 365, including emails, contacts, etc.

- There are high chances of data duplicity. 

- Novice users will face difficulty in backup Office 365 emails manually.


Shoviv advanced automation for Microsoft Office 365 backup

Shoviv professional software has a simple working process that makes it easily understandable to every user. Moreover, users do not need to have the good technical knowledge to handle this software. Shoviv Office 365 Backup and Restore Tool is able to backup Office 365 emails in a single without difficulty. This software has a variety of features that we mentioned below.

1. This tool has no limitations on including large and numerous Office 365 mailboxes at the same time.

2. It has a simple user interface that allows all users to perform the backup task efficiently. Even novice and non-technical users backup Office 365 emails and other items with ease.

3. Users can easily create and run multiple backup jobs at a time without making any changes in the processing speed.

4. A preview facility is also available in this software that allows users to cross-check the added items before processing the Office 365 mailbox backup task.

5. This software is efficient in taking the backup of Office 365-specific folders such as archive mailboxes, public folders, and user mailboxes.

6. It allows users to set the timer for the failed items count. If the set limit crosses, the process will automatically stop.

7. Furthermore, it provides various file formats to backup Office 365 emails, including PST, MHT, HTML, MBOX, MSG, etc.

8. This software offers a search option that is very fast and finds the needed items in a little bit of time. 

9. It provides a scheduler option through which users can schedule their Office 365 mailbox backup tasks daily, weekly, or monthly basis. 

10. Most importantly, its incremental export option resumes the interrupted process and eliminates the chances of data duplicity.

11. Users can include or exclude the required items by using its filter option before processing the backup Office 365 emails and other items. 

12. It is an independent tool, which means; it can work without Outlook in your system.

13. This tool also restores Office 365 mailboxes from various file formats, including OST, EML, PST, MBOX, etc.

Users can download its free trial version from Shoviv's official website. It has more features to backup Office 365 emails easily that users can evaluate by downloading its free trial version. Moreover, it allows users to process the first 50 items per folder in this free trial version. 


Final Words

Users need to backup Office 365 emails and other items for various reasons. There are manual methods and professional solutions that users can use to do this task. Manual methods like the e-Discovery tool are not much efficient in providing the accurate backup of the Office 365 mailboxes. That's why professional software like Shoviv is the best choice for users. In addition, users will get lifetime technical support 24*7.

Moreover, it allows users to download the free trial version of the Shoviv Office 365 Backup tool to check how it works. Now, it all depends on the user's understanding of which method they want to choose to perform this task. But before making any decision, try its free trial version.


Author Name:- Divya Chauhan

Short Author Bio:- Divya Chauhan is a passionate web content writer. She is associated with Shoviv Software for the last three years. Being a tech geek, she has commendable command over Emailing and all its dimensions, and she loves to share it with readers. Blending professional language with a friendly tone is the best part of her writing style.

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