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If a user creates an IMAP connection or enables the Cached Exchange Mode, then Outlook stores data in OST file format. Outlook also allows users to open and read these files with the availability of an internet connection. An OST file is very helpful in such a case if users are facing some unexpected situations by converting it into a PST file format. For this, users search for a perfect OST to PST Converter Tool that effortlessly converts the OST file into PST file format. This write-up will provide you with complete details on the solutions to accomplish this task in an easy and secure way. So, keep reading this write-up for the best knowledge about the solutions and their working process.


Reasons behind the conversion of an OST file into PST

- As we know, during Exchange maintenance, the OST file gets inaccessible, so to make it accessible, users need to convert OST to PST file format.

- To avoid accidental data loss situations in the future.

- In a case, if your Exchange Server crashes and you want to access your data.

- To keep your data secure from unexpected situations. So, users import OST to Outlook PST file format.

- If users wish to make the data portable into the local storage, then they look to make this conversion process.

- When the OST file gets damaged or corrupt, then converting OST to PST file format helps in such a situation.

These are some reasons behind this conversion task. There could be more factors that encourage users to process the OST to PST conversion task, which can be different for each user. Let's discuss the solutions to accomplish this task in a hassle-free manner.


The manual methods to convert an OST file into PST

As we know, manual methods are free of cost, and users can implement them without the help of any third-party tool. In this write-up, we will elaborate on the two manual methods to perform this task. Thereafter, we will discuss a reliable OST to PST Converter Tool to perform this task. So, let's begin the one by one description of the solutions.


Method1: Use the Import/Export method to make an OST file to PST conversion

Step1: Open the Microsoft Outlook application in your system.

Step2: Go to the File menu and click the Import and Export option.

Step3: Now choose the Export to a file option and tap the Next button.

Step4: Select the Outlook data file (.pst) option and click Next.

Step5: Pick the mailbox that you want to process. Include subfolders if needed and hit the Next button.

Step6: Choose the location where you wish to save the PST file and tap Finish. The process to import OST to Outlook PST format will be complete.


Method2: Convert an OST file using the Archive technique

Step1: Go to the Outlook Application and open it.

Step2: Choose the File menu and tap the Archive option.

Step3: Now pick the desired file/folder to archive.

Step4: Select the location to save the archived file.

Step5: Lastly, click on the Finish button.


Limitations of the manual approaches

- The manual methods take the maximum time to process the OST to PST converter task.

- Users should be technically savvy to perform this task manually.

- Size restrictions on the OST files to process with the manual method.

- The steps are a bit complicated for new users.

- Users can't import OST to Outlook PST format if the file is corrupted.

- There is no guarantee of data security.

- High chances of modification and data loss.

- They have also count limitations on converting email items.

With these limitations, the task of converting OST to PST file format might be risky for the users. Therefore, we suggest users try out the Shoviv professional third-party tool to go forward to accomplish this conversion process. In the following paragraph, we have shared detailed information about this utility.


A professional tool to move OST files into PST format

As the demand for tasks to convert OST files into Outlook PST format increases. Shoviv comes forward with professional third-party software, which has a variety of features and provides an easy way to accomplish this task. Shoviv OST to PST Converter Tool allows users to convert the OST files with no size restriction. Users can also include the limitless OST files in this software to make this conversion task quick. Every user can easily understand the working process of this utility.


Features of the Shoviv third-party software

- The hierarchy of the folder and metadata remains the same even after converting OST to PST file format.

- Users also use its filter option to make conversion of the desired items into the PST file format.

- Moreover, it allows users to take a preview of the selected items before initiating the conversion process.

- This software comes with a user-friendly GUI, allowing all users to proceed with this conversion process. Even novice users also convert OST to PST file format using this software.

- Furthermore, users can also do a search for the desired items using its quick search option. Users can find the needed OST file by entering a specific field name.

- This software provides more file formats to save OST files, such as HTML, MSG, EML, vCal, etc.

- Along with the OST to PST conversion, this tool also repairs corrupted as well as hardly deleted OST files.

- At the end of the process, it also generates a report of the whole process that users can save to keep a record of the whole process.

Download its free trial version from the official website of Shoviv for more knowledge of its functionality. 


Steps to perform the OST file conversion process using Shoviv software

Step1: Install and open the Shoviv OST to PST Converter Tool.exe.

Step2: Go to the Add OST files option and choose the OST files that you want to proceed with.

Step3: After that, select the OST to PST option from the ribbon bar.

Step4: Check or uncheck the subfolders list and click on the Next button.


- Choose the option to save OST file data into an existing or new PST file.

- Check the PST splitting option and set the size for the PST file if needed.

- Click Next.

Step6: Filter items per date or message class-wise criteria. Afterward, tap the Next button.

Step7: Set the thread counts and choose an option from the Apply Filter using options. After that, hit on the Next.

Step8: Use the folder mapping option if you want to map the source folder into a specific target folder.

Step 9: The task of converting OST to PST format will start in the next window.

Step 10: Save the report of the entire process if required, and then click on the Finish button.


Final Words

After discussing all the solutions for importing OST files into PST file format, we conclude that the Shoviv OST to PST Converter Tool is the easiest way to perform this conversion task. This software has the capability of processing multiple OST files at a time without affecting the original speed of the process. Even the Shoviv software also provides a trial version of this utility that users can use to test its compatibility and functionality before purchasing this automation. So, before going to any conclusion, take a look at the Shoviv professional third-party tool.


Author Name:- Divya Chauhan

Short Author Bio:- Divya Chauhan is a passionate web content writer. She is associated with Shoviv Software for the last three years. Being a tech geek, she has commendable command over Emailing and all its dimensions, and she loves to share it with readers. Blending professional language with a friendly tone is the best part of her writing style.

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