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As anticipated It is much easier to get a job in Berlin if you live there rather than applying from abroad “ so don't be afraid to move to the city if you don't have a job lined up (if visa regulations permit this). That way, you'll be ready for interviews right away. Even now, it's frighteningly easy for a non-German speaker to live and work in Berlin. It was far too simple. However, if you don't make an effort to learn at least enough German to be polite, you will be confined to an ex-pat bubble and will miss out on the full scope of the Berlin experience.

Moving on, let us now discuss Jobs in Berlin for English Speakers:

Industries in Berlin, Germany that hire English speakers

1. Jobs in technology

English-speaking offices are common in technology and startup companies. In Berlin, hundreds of tech companies hire English speakers. It is very easy to find an English-speaking job in Berlin if you are a software developer. The majority of Berlin's software developers work in English. Customer service positions are frequently available in these businesses.

2. Tourism

The tourism industry requires English-speaking tour guides, hostel staff, counsellors, and other professionals. Many cases require you to speak German as well, but there are many exceptions.

3. Food delivery

Food delivery services such as Lieferando, Wolt, and Gorillas hire delivery people who do not speak German.

4. Gastronomy 

Some bars, coffee shops, and restaurants hire non-German employees. The majority of them require you to be fluent in German, but there are many exceptions.

5. Customer care

Customer service jobs typically require the ability to communicate in one or more languages, but not always in German. Many call centres in Berlin are searching for English, French, and Spanish-speaking employees. You can as well look for customer service jobs at the start-ups, as many of them provide customer service in English.

6. Social media manager

A lot of companies require native English speakers and copywriters to help manage their websites and social media.

7. English classes in Berlin

It is extremely difficult to teach English in Berlin. It is extremely difficult if you are not certified and do not speak German. More resources are readily available through the local English teachers' association (ELTABB). You can also teach English online, but if you work for yourself, you may need to register as a freelancer.

You can also work as an au pair. I know a lot of au pairs who didn't speak German when they first started working.

Where can I look for work in Berlin?

These are the websites I would go to if I were looking for work in Berlin. There are numerous other options, but these are the most popular.
1. Indeed.com is a job-search website. You can set alerts and filter by language.
2. LinkedIn is a social networking site with a sizable job section. Extremely popular.
3. Jobsuche der Bundesagentur (in German) - Operated by the Federal Employment Agency Talent Berlin - Operated by the Berlin State Government There is no way to filter by language.
4. Jobted - You can search for jobs by language.
5. Xing is similar to LinkedIn. There is no way to filter by language.
6. ArbeitNow is a job posting website.
7. Glassdoor is a website that provides company reviews, salary reports, and job listings. To search for jobs, you must first create an account.

Finally, you can work for English-speaking clients in other countries if you are self-employed. In Berlin, you can also find English-speaking clients. Certain jobs, such as software development and IT, make this simple. You must have some German clients if you need a freelance visa to work in Germany. You will not be granted a freelance visa if you do not have clients in Germany.
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