Essential Skills for a Secondary School Student

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Essential Skills for school going children

Gone are the days when those who could read and write were considered literate. It takes much more now to survive in the competitive world and design a fruitful future. Children need to develop essential skills and gain awareness of the outside world to understand where they stand and what all they need to do to excel.

So, if you also have school-going children, know that you have to develop skills in them, which is only possible when they are young. You may choose the best school, renowned curriculum plan and the best online tuition in Singapore, but it will not prove fruitful unless you have a certain level of awareness. They should be prepared to face the competition and know the apt practices to survive and excel. While they are in their early school years, they are open to adapting, and you can mould them in whatever way you want.


Essential skills for every school-going child


Digital Literacy

Technology has its presence and significance in every domain. So, whichever field your child chooses, digital literacy becomes inevitable. Introduce your children to e-learning platforms and the best use of interest. Moreover, enrolling your child into online tuition in Singapore would also help in digital literacy as they will learn to connect with their educator through online platforms. However, you have to be a little careful here because leniency would mean extended screen exposure, which is actually harmful.


Communication Skill

Another skill that helps children during school and throughout their life after that is communication. Every child should be able to put their thoughts in front boldly and be confident enough to deal with the professional challenges they might face. For this, you should ensure that you hear them out and let them express their thoughts openly. Never interrupt or scold them, even if you do not approve of their views. Additionally, motivate them to participate in the debates as it improves their communication skills.


Critical Thinking

Life often puts us in situations where we need to differentiate and decide between right and wrong. Though there is no particular definition of wrong, there are decisions that put us in a much more complicated mess. Thus, it is essential for children to learn this difference and be able to make critical life decisions. Start small and teach this to them through various activities or scenarios. Talk to the school teachers and the educators at your child's private online tuition in Singapore, asking them to help you build this skill.


Soft Skills

Soft skills involve expression, body language, choice of words and the approach towards various life situations. It is the skill that helps students get better grades and be in the eye of their educator. As they start their professional journey, this skill help them grab the best jobs and be an asset to the organization. Only the right kind of exposure to the situations can help infuse this skill. Moreover, the environment at school and home has an excellent role to play in this.


Cooperation & Competition

To work cooperatively means to learn teamwork which is essential in every phase of life. Children obviously learn collaborative work at school as they do various projects in teams. Even the educators providing online tuition in Singapore help develop this skill by organizing various events at the national level. Children get a real sense of competition through these events, which eventually gives them a glimpse of how they would handle things when the situations get even more challenging.


Time Management

Time stops for none! So, if you wish to do something good with your life, you should learn to manage time. It stands true for everyone, from kids to adults. However, schooling is the appropriate time to learn this skill. The habits you develop during this time stay with you forever. So, ensure that your child develops this skill during this time only. Create a timetable for them and ensure that they stick to it religiously. Furthermore, you can practice portraying the ideal behaviour in front of them as they will do what they see you doing.

These are a few essential skills that every school-going child should develop. Every parent focuses on academics and pays attention to choosing the best curriculum plan and reliable private online tuition in Singapore. Little did they know skill development is an equally significant aspect. To help every parent develop the necessary skills in their children, we have shared the expert tips below!


Tips for skill development in children

Now that you know what all skills your child would need, the next thing is to understand how you can develop those in them. If you choose the best school with a nurturing environment, your child will grow holistically, and his intellectual level will improve. Additionally, if you choose the best private online tuition in Singapore for your child, his academic performance and confidence will improve. If you also want to see these improvements in your child, follow the tips below!

1. Your choice of school and educators need to be perfect as that is the foundation of skill development. Learn about the teaching methodologies followed by the school and ensure that it is effective enough to infuse necessary skills. For example, Montessori is apt for growing children as they develop essential skills through various activities.

2. Give the right kind of environment to children at home so that they automatically develop the essential skills. Involve them in decision-making and allow them to help with the household chores as well as help in developing skills like teamwork and compassion.

3. Motivate your child to socialize, participate in activities conducted at school and get the required experiences. It ensures that every child gets the best exposure to the outside world and develops the necessary skills. Here is how you can help them

These tips will help you infuse the right skills in your child in the most convenient manner. Understand that it takes time and years of persistent efforts to get assurance that your child has developed the essential skills. So, brace yourself for the much-needed efforts, and if you keep walking in the right direction, your child's future becomes promising.

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