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One of the most well-recognised watches, the Rolex Tiffany, is one that has a very interesting history and journey to it. Ever since its launch, this particular Rolex has stirred up a lot of conversations amongst watch enthusiasts worldwide. Perhaps, it's never too late to explore the intricacies of the watch, and why it has gained so much popularity. Let's get right to it.

Why is it called the Rolex Tiffany?

The name Rolex Tiffany is based on the turquoise blue dial of the watch. Fans of Rolex have associated the color of the dial with the brand image of Tiffany & Co. Hence, the term Tiffany was designated by the fans of the watch and is not an official term that Rolex uses.

Although Rolex had previously collaborated with the brand, the Oyster Perpetual Tiffany has no relation to the jewelry brand. It is a complete in-house Rolex project with no association with Tiffany & Co.

So for any of you out there who believed this to be a Tiffany & Co. and Rolex watch, you now know the reality behind it.

History of Rolex Tiffany

Rolex blue dial watches were first seen in the Daytona models. It was later adapted in the Oyster Perpetual series, where it gained significant recognition. This is when fans of Rolex started referring to the Oyster Perpetual turquoise blue dial as a Tiffany.

The company offered the Oyster Perpetual Turquoise dial in a 41 mm model which was discontinued in 2022. This paved the way for the 31 mm and 36 mm dial options to take over.

Is the Rolex Tiffany hard to find?

The Rolex Tiffany 41 mm dial is hard to find as opposed to the other variants like the 31 mm and 36 mm. This is mainly because of the discontinuation of the 41 mm dial.

Therefore, you can't buy this Rolex from a retailer anymore but definitely from a pre-owned watch dealer. If you are looking to buy a good investment timepiece, the Rolex Tiffany 41 mm is the watch to go for.

Features of Rolex Tiffany

The features of a Rolex Tiffany dial watch are more or less similar across the three dial variants it is available in. Perhaps, there are a few notable differences that are worth mentioning. Following are the design specifications and functions of the Rolex Tiffany watches.

- Rolex Tiffany 31 mm dial

- Rolex Tiffany 36 mm dial

- Rolex Tiffany 41 mm dial

Rolex Tiffany 31 mm dial

The 31 mm Tiffany dial as you can tell is one of the smallest dials, preceded by a 28 mm dial. This particular watch is popular among women clients and continues to grow in demand. Following are the features related to the Rolex Tiffany 31 mm dial:

- Oystersteel bracelet and case

- Sapphire scratch-proof crystal

- 2232 caliber

- Perpetual, self-winding, mechanical movement

- Powereserve of up to 55 hours

- Flat three-piece Oyster links bracelet design

- Silicon Syloxi hairspring oscillator

- Domed bezel design

-2/+2 sec/day precision

- Water resistance of up to 100 meters

Rolex Tiffany 36 mm dial

Moving on to a slightly bigger dial, we have the 36 mm Tiffany dial. This particular watch is popular among both male and female clientele. The 36 mm dial Rolex Tiffany is gaining popularity, and is known to sell for higher prices in the pre-owned market. Mentioned below are the specifications and technology highlights of a Rolex Tiffany 36 mm watch:

- Domed bezel

- Powereserve of up to 70 hours

- Oystersteel case and bracelet

- Waterproof up to 100 meters

- Crystal sapphire scratch resistant

- 3230 caliber movement

- Blue Parachrom paramagnetic Oscillator

- Precision of the movement is -2/+2 sec/day

- Oyster flat three-piece links

- Self-winding, perpetual and mechanical setup

Rolex Tiffany 41 mm dial

Last in the list of Rolex Tiffany variants is the 41 mm dial watch. This particular timepiece is currently discontinued but is in high demand. The watch is currently being sold for exceptional prices in the pre-owned market.

What's interesting is that the watch shares most of its components with the 36 mm dial watch including its seamless caliber movement. However, the only notable difference between these watches are their case sizes. Apart from that every other design and mechanical specification is identical with the 36 mm watch.

Are Rolex Tiffany watches expensive?

Yes and no. In the retail market, a Rolex Tiffany watch is priced at an amount ranging between AED 22,650 to AED 24,350. You must note that these prices are for the 31 mm and 36 mm dial options.

On the other hand, the discontinued 41 mm Rolex Oyster Perpetual Tiffany is sold for higher prices in the pre-owned market. The prices for the 41 mm Tiffany dial watch ranges from AED 90,000 to AED 100,000.

Therefore, Rolex Tiffany 31 mm and 36 mm watches are relatively inexpensive or similarly priced as compared to other luxury watches. But the 41 mm watch is expensive in the pre-owned market.

Prices for the Rolex Tiffany in the pre-owned market are determined based on its demand. As soon as a watch becomes discontinued, the probability of its demand increasing is high. Hence, the high resale value of the discontinued 41 mm Tiffany watch.

Is the Rolex Tiffany a good watch to invest in?

Yes. Definitely, the Rolex Tiffany is a great watch to invest in. The watch has performed well both in the retail and pre-owned market. Watch collectors worldwide have praised this watch for its classy design and effortless functionality.

What's also worth mentioning is that the Rolex Tiffany is highly desired in the UAE market. Therefore, its demand has gone up in the region, hence encouraging more people to invest in it. If you are looking to buy a Rolex Tiffany make sure to check out the Dubai luxury watch market for competitive prices.

Rolex Tiffany: An elegant and vibrant timepiece

From women clients to men, the turquoise blue dial Rolex Oyster Perpetual dubbed the Rolex Tiffany, is an exquisite luxury watch that appeals to all. It is a watch that showcases simplistic elegance and remarkable functionality compared to other luxury watches.

Hence, we advise collectors to consider buying a Rolex Tiffany watch to add to their collection of high-end watches. Moreover, if you are looking for the most competitive prices, the Dubai watch market is the perfect place to look for.

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