Short-Term Rentals: Find Flexibility in Housing

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Many people are looking for long-term living situations and will commit to leases and home ownership to find that kind of housing stability. However, there are times when flexibility in housing is needed and where it can open other doors to ensure you have the kind of freedom you may need. Here are a few ways to find short-term rentals when you need the option of staying or going:


Extended-stay hotels

For those who know for certain that they’ll only be in one place for so long and want to avoid committing to a lease and a tenant background check, extended-stay hotels offer enough comfort and stability for you. They typically include a kitchen and sitting area so that you feel like you have everything you need, but they are often much cheaper than renting an Airbnb or subletting an apartment space. They make it easy for you to get up and go as needed, offering the kind of flexibility that a traveling individual could need.


Vacation rentals

If you’re going to be staying in an area that has a lot of tourists and vacation options, a vacation rental can provide you with a longer-term stay than a hotel but without the commitment of a lease that spans several months. They’re often equipped with what you need for a comfortable extended stay and are normally near must-see and trendy places; for example, your spot may upgrade your short-term rental with a hot tub. They may cost more than your average apartment in the area, but the perks and location typically make up for the price.



If you want to live in a nice apartment for a while but know that you’re not staying in a city for a year, subletting someone’s space can provide you with the homey comfort of personal space while also helping you avoid having to commit to a year-long lease. Individuals going away for a while may be looking for someone reliable to take over their spot, so take a look at subletting websites that can provide you with the options that you want for comfortable housing while on an extended visit to a foreign city.



If you want the tried and proven, Airbnbs often have options that go beyond just a few days. Long-term stays at these kinds of rentals are normal in several places, so if you have used this rental platform and are comfortable with it, then it could be the right option for you when you need short-term housing. It allows you to pick the days you need and rent it in one shot.

While there are often extra fees and communication with Airbnb professionals isn’t always easy, when you find super hosts that have great reviews, you can usually expect a great stay. Respect the space and treat it as your own, and you should have a great time.


Van life


If all else fails and you want a great stay while also not being committed to one place, van life could be the kind of “housing rental” that works for you.

Renting out a van or RV for an extended period provides you with housing while also offering the liberty of moving around to places that you want to see. While it’s more of a vacation option for those who are taking time off, there are plenty of people who work on the road while also enjoying the van life. If you need a break from the mundane, van housing could be an option that works for the short term.


In Conclusion

From vacation rentals to subletting, not every housing situation has to be a long-term commitment. Consider a short-term stay at an extended-stay hotel or rent an Airbnb for as long as you’re in a specific city. If you’re trying to avoid buying a home or renting for more than a year, these are some options for you.

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