Finding The Best Solar Energy Contractor For Your Home Or Business

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The solar energy sector has seen tremendous growth and technological improvement in recent years. With numerous national and local firms vying for contracts to install solar systems in homes and businesses, selecting the right installation can be a challenging task. However, you may locate the proper installation by going through the same steps as any other contractor: screening potential service providers, seeking recommendations from friends, and getting multiple quotations to compare the prices. In this article, we will discuss how to find the best solar energy contractor for your home and business.


Ensure That the Contractor is Experienced & Certified

When selecting a solar installation company, it is crucial to ensure that they possess both experiences and are certified. Look into company reviews, particularly for those lacking local government certification, to verify the reliability of the contractor you choose.

It is advisable to have at least one certified technician on the company's staff. If certification is unavailable, prioritize experience. Keep in mind that certification may be optional for firms with over 10 years of experience.


Assess the Quality of the Contractor

Determining which firms to trust in a relatively new sector like solar installation can be challenging. When evaluating a solar installation company, the first step is to ascertain whether they specialize solely in solar systems. Some smaller solar firms may have transitioned into solar without the necessary expertise, leading to the provision of subpar equipment and installation services.

Although this is not always the case, a firm that has been in business for five years is likely to be more experienced and provide better customer service than a company that has only been in business for one year.


Read Reviews and Complaints

Like any other service, solar energy contractors are subject to public scrutiny and criticism. It's like reading reviews for your favorite restaurant. It has the potential to be useful. It can also be heavily influenced by who has written those write those reviews. So, it's only one piece of information among many other ones.

Therefore, while visiting different platforms to read reviews about solar energy contractors, it is advisable to take individual events with a grain of salt and focus on identifying larger trends.



There should be no mystery around the work being done on your house; your installer should be honest with you about the procedure and be available to answer any questions you may have at any time. Installations' charges for the same task will likely differ; therefore, comparing quotes from numerous contractors is critical.

Most competent installers will visit your home and offer you a pricing quotation depending on the size, energy usage, and other characteristics of your home. Convert your quotation to cost per watt for a realistic estimate of how much you will end up investing in your solar system.


Get Quotes from Multiple Contractors

The costs associated with solar installations can vary among different solar energy contractors.

Obtaining estimates from different contractors give you a better understanding of price and a foundation against which to evaluate the finest solar firms. Most solar providers will schedule a visit to your home to precisely determine rates. Call as many solar energy contractors as possible and obtain quotations for solar installations to ensure that the pricing you receive is competitive.


Assess the Quality of the Equipment

When choosing a contractor, it is essential to assess the quality of the equipment they plan to use. Two key factors to consider are the modules and the inverter of the PV system. Installations can choose from string inverters, string inverters with optimizers, or micro-inverters when selecting an inverter for your system. In most cases, string inverters with optimizers and micro-inverters outperform regular string inverters, indicating higher-quality equipment.



Going solar is an important investment in your house, and you should have a great working relationship with your solar contractor. After the solar panels are installed, there may be a lot of work to do and ongoing maintenance. It's important to find a trustworthy contractor to provide accurate and thorough information to help you choose the best solar panel, inverter, and system size for your home or business.

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