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Guest posting is a common approach used by Australian SEOs to develop backlinks to a website in order to enhance authority and search engine rankings. It's also a wonderful way for businesses to communicate with their target audience and engage in 'digital networking.' Outside of ranking improvements, Guest Blogging can provide a number of benefits to your organization, including:

1. PR

2. Interview opportunities for podcasts or YouTube channels

3. Attendance, hosting, and speaking opportunities at events.

4. Getting in front of your actual target audience to help interested customers learn about your company!

Prospecting for guest posting possibilities is the first step in the guest posting process. This can be tough in Australia because not many websites accept guest blogs, but a handful do. Most bloggers who contact website owners don't get their guest articles published because they don't present unique content in their emails or show that they've read the website and understand the demands of the target audience.

We've compiled a large list of websites that accept guest posts to assist you in your research process of locating potential websites in Australia to approach for guest posting. Before emailing the websites listed below, make sure you have examples of high-quality material you've created in the past and a content concept that is unique to that website.

The following is a list of Australian websites that accept guest posts.

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