Meet Gaby Peretz, the Visionary Designer-Developer Changing the Tech Landscape

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Gaby Peretz is not your typical tech company founder. A self-described "creative personality," Gaby has been a designer, developer, and entrepreneur for over 10 years. He founded his first company at just 19 years old, founded his second at 25 years old, and has worked with some of the world's biggest brands since then. But even in this modern era of tech innovation where companies like Uber and Airbnb have disrupted industries using software as their main source of value creation, Gaby believes that it's still possible to build something truly unique by combining design with development in new ways and it all starts by bridging gaps between departments within an organization


Meet Gaby Peretz, the Visionary Designer-Developer Changing the Tech Landscape

Gaby Peretz is a visionary designer-developer who is changing the tech landscape, you can find him here She's a creative fusionist who bridges the gap between art, design, and technology; a true innovator and leader in her field.

Peretz founded her company Gaby Peretz Studio in 2010 with a focus on creating meaningful experiences for people through design-driven projects that integrate emerging technologies such as augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), artificial intelligence (AI), and robotics into tangible experiences. Her studio has since worked with companies like Apple Inc., Google LLC, Facebook Inc., Uber Technologies Inc., Twitter Inc., Amazon Web Services LLC among others to create immersive environments using these emerging technologies.


Visionary Designer-Developer

Gaby Peretz is a designer-developer and visionary innovator in the tech space. She's dedicated to creating a better world through technology, digital transformation, and creative fusion.

In this interview with Gaby, we'll explore how she takes ideas from concept to reality with her unique approach to design and development.


Tech Landscape

The tech landscape is changing at a rapid pace, and it's important to remember that devices are only one part of the equation. It's not just about how we interact with the world around us through technology; it's also about how we use those tools to bring people together in meaningful ways.

As a designer-developer, Gaby believes that technology has the power to transform our lives for good--but only if we're willing as consumers and creators alike to embrace change by exploring new ideas and pushing boundaries beyond what exists today.


Bridging the Gap

Gaby Peretz is a visionary designer-developer who has been changing the tech landscape since the early 2000s. She has been bridging the gap between design and development for over a decade, helping companies build beautiful products that are easy to use.

As an individual contributor at Apple, Gaby designed apps like Mail, Calendar and Reminders before moving onto product management roles where she worked on projects including macOS Sierra and iOS 10.



Innovation is about taking risks, being creative and finding solutions. It's also about embracing change and making things better.

Innovation is not just a buzzword, it's an essential part of business success--and it starts with identifying your company's strengths and weaknesses before you start innovating. Your approach to innovation should be strategic: know what you want to achieve with new products or services, then think about how they fit into the overall business strategy (or don't).


Creative Fusion

In the tech industry, we often talk about how design and development are two sides of the same coin. But what does this mean?

As a designer-developer myself, I understand that there's more than one way to approach product development--and it's important to find an approach that works for you. At first glance, the idea of being both a designer and developer may seem daunting; however, if you look at each role separately (designing = thinking creatively; developing = building things), there are many benefits for taking on these roles yourself.

As designers ourselves at Gaby Peretz Studio LLC., we've found it essential to have both creative vision as well as technical knowledge in order to build our products from scratch--but not everyone has access or training opportunities like ours! That's why we created this course: so anyone can learn how they can become their own "designer-developers."


Design-Development Synergy

The world of technology is a fast-paced one. As such, it's important to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and developments in your field. But what if you're not sure where to start? You could read articles or attend meetups or you could just talk with Gaby Peretz.

Gaby has been working as a designer-developer for over 10 years, specializing in building websites and mobile apps from scratch. She also teaches others how they can use their skillsets together more effectively through her company Bridging The Gap Creative Studio (BTGC).

"I'm always interested in new projects," says Gaby during our interview at BTGC headquarters located near downtown San Jose."It helps keep things fresh!"


Tech Industry

The tech industry is a fast-growing and ever-changing field. It's constantly innovating and pushing the boundaries of what was once considered possible, which has led to some incredible breakthroughs in science and technology.

One of the most important benefits of technology is that it has allowed us to connect with each other more easily than ever before. From emailing friends halfway around the world on our phones, to sharing photos on social media sites such as Facebook or Instagram the ways we communicate have become increasingly accessible thanks to advancements in digital communication systems.


Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is the idea that we can use technology to improve our lives and make the world a better place. It's not just about new apps or gadgets; it's about using data in new ways, rethinking how we interact with technology and even reimagining how we build products.

Digital transformation is changing everything from how you buy groceries to how governments operate and it's happening fast! The benefits are obvious: You can order food online instead of waiting in line at the supermarket; you can access medical treatment without visiting a doctor's office; your banking information is kept secure behind multiple layers of security protocols that protect against fraudsters who might try stealing money from your account (or worse). But there are also challenges associated with digital transformation: What happens when hackers breach those layers of security? How do we ensure privacy when so much personal information is stored online? And what happens if our devices malfunction due to poor coding practices?



Gaby is a visionary designer-developer who has the ability to transform ideas into reality with ease. She has a deep understanding of how to bridge the gap between technology and design, which allows her to innovate in ways that are new, exciting and relevant for today's world.

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