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If you are a newbie in the fitness world, then you definitely need a coach to train you right. But, since it seems that good coaches are very rare these days, we suggest you go with Vingo, the most amazing fitness companion anyone could ask for. It is a virtual reality cum fitness training app that can guide you effectively towards your dream body. It comes with a load of features and its usability is amazing.


Online Cycling is the Way Ahead in Indoor Cycling

The app can be used in tandem with your training bike, or even your treadmill. With your training bike, you can use the app to go for online cycling adventures. Like everything else, going online means you will be getting into the online world, and meet, chat, and befriend fellow cyclists from around the world. So, instead of staring at a wall while riding that boring old indoor bike, you can go for exciting adventures in the online world through this amazing app.


Learn How to Get the Most Out of Cycling

Also, you can learn how to improve your cycling game with the app. Once you pair it with your training bike, it will start monitoring your movements, your speed, your pace, resistance settings, etc. Using this info, it will give you feedback on how to improve your performance. This way you can focus on improving, rather than focus on what could go wrong while you exercise. The app will correct your body to its effective self.


The App is a Technological Marvel

You might wonder how it does all that. Well, the Vingo app is powered by the latest connectivity tech called the ANT+ sensors. These sensors allow the app to measure accurately and use that data to give you a realistic experience through virtual reality. Also, it has tech that allows you to chat with people from around the world in real-time. You can create your own digital avatar in it, you can connect all your social media accounts with it, and you can even connect with your friends inside it.


Cycle or Run in the Virtual World with the App

Most people use the app with their treadmills and go for online running. Some use it to go for online cycling. Some just take a leisurely stroll inside the virtual world. Whatever be your choice, its yours. You can use the app to get into the hyper-realistic virtual space and explore its maps designed from some of the most famous locations around the world.


Get Assistance & Training in the Cyber-World

If you feel like you are alone inside the virtual cycling app, though, you can always find a lot of people willing to help you there. You can find communities of people who get together to exercise together. These communities can help you and guide you to get better at running & cycling. You can even form your own communities too, if you want. So, what are you waiting for? Join the virtual world and have fun already.

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