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It seems like everyone has an online brand these days, and it can look like a lot of work for the uninitiated. And it can be. Fortunately, breaking it down into simple steps will take much of the stress out. Follow this plan, and you should get your online brand launched in no time.


1. Choose a home

Most emphasis seems to be placed on social media when launching an online brand, and it's certainly important. But first, you need to establish a place where visitors can go to learn all there is to know about your brand. That place is a website. Here,you have full control over the look and feel of your brand, as well as the information you wish to impart. So don't let it be an afterthought.

To start a site, you need to register a memorable domain name, choose a web host, and select a website builder. There are many places you can do this across the web, but picking a site where you can do it all in one place, such as the spaceship website, will make things so much easier. You should also choose a host with over 99.9% uptime guarantee so your site is always online.


2. Defining brand identity and market research

If you want to start strong, you need to do the groundwork. It will be easier to create a website and make it align with who you are on social media if you define your brand identity and mission statement from the outset. Markers of brand identity can include colors, tone of voice, and logos. By keeping it the same across your web presence, people will begin to know your brand's persona and recognize it in the wild. Doing market research will help establish your identity. You will discover your target audience and their preferences and ways to stand out from the competition.

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3. Get on social media

Once the first two points are addressed, it's time to start thinking about social media. Doing your market research should help with this step too. There are so many social media platforms to choose from, there's no point in tackling them all, at least right now. Start with the ones most relevant to your target audience. For instance, TikTok tends to skew younger, while Facebook tends to skew older. You don't have to post every day, but you should post consistently. Creating a social media content calendar and planning your content should help you keep on top of things.


The takeaway

Launching a brand online isn't rocket science, but it does take some planning and work. Following the steps in this post gives you a strong foundation to build upon.

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