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Surely you have already heard about GPT chat and may have wondered many things like; what is GPT chat, how does it work, how can we use GPT chat for students, and what you can and should not do with it? Well, you will find all that in this article. Let's go there!


What is GPT chat?

This is basically a chatbot that works through artificial intelligence, specifically GPT-3. It appeared in November 2022 and has been the first AI-model that reached a level of understanding, naturalness, and creativity unimaginable a few years ago.

Chat GPT allows you to have conversations and is based on the AI language model of the company OpenAI, a non-profit company created by Elon Musk and Sam Altman.

This chat has a very high number of algorithms. It has more than 175 million parameters that achieve the naturalness and understanding we have previously explained. Not only that, but it also teaches! You can "enter" since the more information you add to it, the more it introduces it into its algorithms. You will be able to ask the questions you want.


How students can use the GPT chat

But let's get down to the nitty-gritty: how can students use GPT chat? Currently, there are different opinions about students having access to it. Some teachers are already forcing their students to learn how to use this tool responsibly. In comparison, other teachers are afraid of using it irresponsibly. It really is a helpful tool if used in the right way.

Below, we show you the benefits of GPT chat in students and also the drawbacks and things you should not do.


Benefits of GPT chat for students

The benefits of GPT chat for students are extensive. But we will highlight in particular the 6 most useful student benefits.


Helps to review content and practice for exams

The algorithm of this chat box can generate questions and exercises about the content provided. So you can offer, for example, the content of a math exam; in return, it will give you exercises and questions to practice. Since it is artificial intelligence, it can also correct the exercises, and you will know how to improve and where you have failed.


You will have personalized study material

In addition to generating exercises and questions, this chat generates study materials depending on your study pace and the learning method you use. You should know that there are different study methods which you can learn more about on PaperHelp for free using the paper help promo code.

Thanks to this tool, you can get your own study notes that will fit your needs! Even so, you should always complement the notes you create with those offered by your study center.


You will have virtual tutors

You may ask yourself, how can I have a virtual tutor? Well, yes! You can design your own virtual tutor who will help you discover your strengths and weaknesses and motivate you to improve your study, performance, and learning process.

In addition, you would never have thought of having an online tutor available to you 24 hours a day, so you will be able to solve your doubts wherever you are and whenever you need it!


Share your knowledge and thoughts

Another benefit of the GPT chat for students is to be able to quickly check their thoughts or knowledge on a subject with real data. Once you finish your work or research, you can ask this chat AI assistant about the subject and check and reflect on the information it offers you with your previous work.


You will have information about degrees, job opportunities

 It has never been easier for a student to access and learn about the job market. You will be able to find out about job opportunities and grades required for different degrees, learn about degrees you may not have heard of before, and much more.


Use the GPT chat for students as a useful and helpful tool!


You will speed up your work time

Finally, this tool is key to streamlining and optimizing our work time. For example, if we do a paper and we draw some conclusions from it, we can ask GPT chat to enter them in a table.

This type of help is key to saving time and optimizing our work.


What not to do with Chat GPT

A "fight" is starting between teachers and students. Students are using this to "cheat" in their work. As we have explained before, there are several benefits if we use this tool correctly, but there are also wrong ways to use it, which can harm us.


 What not to do with GPT chat in students:

- Use it to answer your questions and assignments.

- Copy on assignments or even ask them to do them in their entirety.

- Do not make your own conclusions; ask the GPT to chat with them.

- Rewrite texts to eliminate plagiarism.

- Doing your TFG/TFM with this tool only


Conclusions about GPT chat for students

You should be aware that, if you are a student, you are in a stage of learning, development, and training. All the knowledge you acquire during your journey will make you the person you want to be. If you use this tool as a support, it will help you to grow personally and professionally. Still, if you misuse GPT chat, it will not bring you to value and will only help you to get better grades now and to be a person without knowledge, own criteria, or reflection capacity in the future.

So we encourage you to use this tool responsibly and take advantage of all the benefits of GPT chat for students. Keep growing!

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