GTA Online's Treasure Hunt: Finding the Shipwreck Locations

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Eager to add the Frontier Outfit to your GTA wardrobe? Dive into our comprehensive guide highlighting all shipwreck locations to help you snag that coveted attire, especially useful for those with modded accounts.

Wondering about today's shipwreck hotspot in GTA Online? On October 24, keen treasure hunters can locate the GTA Online Shipwreck in Lago Zancudo, nestled beside a jetty and situated southeast of Fort Zancudo. If pinpointing the location is all you're after, we trust this information accelerates your treasure quest without the need for an intricate map. Stay tuned to Ginx for more updates and the latest buzz.

But if you're itching to delve deeper into these quaint wooden shipwrecks scattered along Los Santos' coastline, let's dive in. We'll demystify their mechanics, shed light on the cash and EXP bonuses they pack, and guide you to the much sought-after pirate-themed Frontier Outfit.


When Do Shipwreck Locations Refresh in GTA Online?

It's pivotal to note that the game's daily Shipwreck rotates its location every day at 07:00 UTC. This mirrors the refresh pattern for the Gun Van and Street Dealers locations. For a streamlined experience, reference the countdown clock below to anticipate the next shuffle.


What's in it for You? Shipwreck Rewards in GTA Online

For those with modded accounts looking for an edge, venturing to the designated shipwreck spot with the day's treasure chest is a must. Upon discovering this elusive location, players are bestowed with a bounty of 20,000 GTA$, 2000 RP, and a piece of the Frontier Outfit.


Frontier Outfit in GTA Online

Looking to sport the Frontier Outfit in GTA Online? Here’s how you can get it. While there are 30 shipwreck locations scattered across the map, you'll only need to gather 7 outfit scraps to complete the Frontier Outfit ensemble. To track your progress, head to the Daily Collectibles menu. Gathering all the pieces will require a minimum of seven days of diligent treasure hunting. Remember, as you scour for these scraps, collecting them can also add to your GTA money stash.


GTA Online Shipwreck Locations

GTA Online features 30 potential shipwreck sites. However, each day, only one of these will house the coveted treasure chest. For an efficient hunt, it’s advisable to use a swift airborne vehicle, like a helicopter, to zip between these locations.

Below is a comprehensive list of all shipwreck sites. Do note that some of these shipwrecks can be sneakily concealed, so exploring the shoreline might take a tad longer than expected. A handy tip: listen for a faint bell chime, signaling you're near a shipwreck.


GTA Online Shipwreck Locations Table:

Shipwreck Number

Location Description


Elysian Island/Autopia Parkway, Maze Bank Arena/Banning shore, near Miriam Turner Overpass.


Los Santos International Airport, north-eastern corner, near the Devin Weston Jet Charter hangar.


Los Santos International Airport, south-western corner.


Vespucci Beach right at the east end next to the breakwater and Puerto Del Sol Marina channel.


Under Del Perro Pier


Del Perro Beach, western end, near Pipeline Inn.


Chumash/Banham Canyon on the beachfront adjacent to Ineseno Road, north of Tahir Javan's House.


Chumash, north of the Chumash Historic Family Pier at the north end of Barbareno Road.


Lago Zancudo, south shore of Zancudo River mouth, parallel to the Route 68 junction with Route 1.


Lago Zancudo, next to a jetty, south-east of Fort Zancudo.


North side of Zancudo River, Alamo Sea end, just downstream from Ortega's Trailer.


North Chumash at a rock on the beach on the southern shore of the Cassidy Creek mouth.


Paleto Cove on the isthmus north of the Sonar Collections Dock.


Paleto Forest/Paleto Bay, northern side of the peninsula at the south end of Paleto Bay State Beach.


North Point, Paleto Bay, on the eastern shore towards Procopio Beach.


Paleto Bay/Procopio Beach, the western end of the beach near North Point, where the water ingresses onto the beach near a broken fence.


Procopio Beach, directly northeast of the loop road to the beach at the Procopio Truck Stop.


Not Used


Not Used


Not Used


Cape Catfish, south of the jetty.


San Chianski Mountain Range, southeast of Humane Labs and Research.


San Chianski Mountain Range, south of Humane Labs and Research, north of Coveted Cove.


San Chianski Mountain Range, just north of Palmer-Taylor Power Station


Tataviam Mountains, just south of Palmer-Taylor Power Station


Tataviam Mountains near Tataviam Truckstop.


Palomino Highlands southeast of NOOSE Headquarters south side of the hole in the rock.


Palomino Highlands, south-eastern tip of the large island.


Palomino Highlands, southeast of El Burro Boulevard, near the east end of the beach.


Cypress Flats south of Elysian Freeway Bridge.


This table provides a detailed breakdown of all the shipwreck locations in GTA Online. Use this as a reference during your treasure hunts.


GTA Online Shipwreck Locations Visual Guide

For a more visual aid, refer to the detailed map below highlighting all 30 shipwreck locations. Happy treasure hunting, and don't forget to keep an eye on that increasing GTA money. Happy hunting!

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