Hidden Beaches in the UAE

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Lying on the beach is a fun and relaxing activity in the UAE. there is an abundance of beautiful beaches across the country. Some beaches even feature luxury resorts, restaurants, bars and more. During the cooler months, the famous beaches tend to get crowded, disturbing the peaceful ambiance. There are some beaches in Dubai that tourists do not flock to and are, therefore, calm and less crowded. Let's check them out. 


Top secret beaches to check out in the UAE

Water-based activities, like yacht rental in Dubai, are highly popular in the UAE. However, visiting a beach is an inexpensive way to enjoy the best of what the sea has to offer. The following are the top hidden beaches in the UAE to check out for your next beach day. 

- Qidfa Beach

- Luluyah Beach

- Mangrove Beach

- Mirfa Beach

- Shark Island

- Kalba Beach

- Secret Beach

- Jebel Ali Beach


Qidfa Beach

The beach is located in Fujairah, the emirate known for its abundance of beautiful coastal areas. The waves are calm and gentle, and the water is a pleasant blue color. You can enjoy a picnic with your family on the beach. A play area is available to keep children occupied. 


Luluyah Beach

Khorfokkan is one of the best coastal destinations in the UAE, located in the Gulf of Oman. Luluyah Beach is one of the lesser-known yet spectacular beaches in Khorfokkan. It is a great spot to watch the sunset and set up camp. You can check out the various cafes and restaurants close to the beach. Moreover, the beach is close to the city's popular hiking trails and is perfect for relaxing after a tiring day. 


Mangrove Beach

Umm Al Quwain is one of the lesser visited emirates in the UAE. However, many do not know that it features amazing beaches with crystal-clear waters. Mangrove Beach is the perfect example and is ideal for trying out watersports like paddle boarding, kayaking, snorkeling, and more. You can bring your pets to this beach too. Camping on the beach for an additional charge of 100 AED per night is possible. Paying an additional 20 AED will enable you to park your car there. 


Mirfa Beach

Located in the bustling emirate of Abu Dhabi, the beach is surprisingly secluded and peaceful. You can choose to spend the night on the beach or enjoy a relaxing day trip. However, few restaurants or other services are available nearby since the beach is hidden. Therefore, you must remember to pack the essentials to avoid hassle later on. 


Shark Island

Yet again a hidden gem in Khorfokkan, Shark Island is accessible by boat. It is the home of various marine species and is, therefore, ideal for snorkeling. You can even spot black-tip reef sharks in the area. The water is quite shallow around the island and is ideal for swimming. You can save a seat on a boat to the island for prices ranging from 60 AED to 100 AED. 


Kalba Beach

Sharjah is underrated as a beach location, and Kalba Beach is a good example. The coastline spans 7 kms and offers great views. You can spot rare Hawksbill turtles and Arabian-collared kingfishers in the area. Fishing is popular in the location, and fishermen visit daily for the catch of the day. 


Secret Beach

Despite being in a central location, Secret Beach is well-hidden and sparsely crowded. It is located in Al Sufuoh and has beautiful calm waters and white sand. Since the beach is not a typical public beach, there are limited facilities available. You can park your car close to the beach. Ensure to bring food and beverages since no restaurants or cafes are nearby. 


Jebel Ali Beach

While the beach is well-developed, it is not as crowded as you would expect it to be. Plenty of water sports options are available in the location, including kayaking and kitesurfing. While camping is prohibited on the beach, you can enjoy a casual picnic. The views form the beach are nothing short of incredible. 


The common features of hidden beaches in the UAE

Typically, the hidden beaches in the UAE have minimal fasciitis. It is one of the major reasons why they remain uncrowded. However, if you pack the right essentials and are ready to let a few comforts go, you will be rewarded with a peaceful beach experience. If the facilities are necessary, you can check out public beaches like Kite Beach, JBR beach, La Mer, and so on during the early morning for a quieter experience. 

Moreover, the hidden beaches are not easy to spot, and there are typically no signs pointing to them. It is, therefore, essential to pinpoint the location clearly on the map so that you will not be moving in circles trying to find the beach. 

Now that the secret is spilled, go ahead and check out the top hidden beaches in the UAE for a great time. 

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