Honda Activa 6G - best scooter to buy in 2023

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The Honda Activa isn't just the top-selling automatic scooter in India; it's also one of the most enduring two-wheelers in the nation. And Honda even experienced a 14.51% growth in sales during FY2023.

 Undoubtedly reigning supreme in its segment, the Honda activa 6G has maintained its dominance in the country's two-wheeler market for several years. Boasting a refined and dependable powertrain, this scooter is renowned for its hassle-free and enduring ownership experience. If you're contemplating purchasing a new automatic scooter in India, here are some compelling reasons why the Honda Activa stands out as the premier choice in 2023.

Design & Features

The Activa 6G's exterior modifications are subtle yet impactful. The sleeker headlamp cluster and redesigned front panel with added chrome accents elevate its premium appearance. The integration of telescopic front forks and larger 12-inch steel wheels contributes to enhanced stability and manoeuvrability. 

Additionally, the reworked instrument cluster, an all-analogue in design, now offers improved readability. The inclusion of a convenient switch unit combining the engine-kill switch and starter button exemplifies Honda's commitment to user-friendly enhancements. However, the absence of USB slots or phone charging provisions remains a notable drawback.

Front Facelift

●    The headlamp cluster has received a sleeker design with a prominent chrome strip at the top.

●    Halogen lamps for the STD version and LED lamps for the DLX version ensure excellent illumination.

●   The front panel's plastic cladding has a revised design with added chrome sills, enhancing its premium image but at affordable Honda Activa 6G price.

●    Notably, the Activa 6G now boasts telescopic front forks and larger 12-inch steel wheels.

●    The instrument cluster has undergone a complete revision, featuring an all-analogue design.

●    It includes a speedometer, odometer, fuel gauge, and tell-tale lights.

●    A new switch on the right integrates the engine kill switch and starter button for added convenience.

●    The key-slot panel has been updated to include a rocker switch to open the seats and the external fuel-filler lid.

Rear Profile

●    The rear profile now hosts a 3-step adjustable mono-shock for improved comfort and stability.

●    The external fuel filler cap is a practical addition, eliminating the hassle of accessing it from under the seat.

●    The tail lamp cluster also receives a revised design.

●   The Activa 6G boasts a 22mm longer wheelbase, making it more stable.

●   The larger wheelbase also translates into a roomier footwell.

Activa 6G features a ground clearance that has increased by 18mm, now at 171mm, suitable for Indian riding conditions. Despite the dimensional changes, the scooter has shed 2kg, reducing its kerb weight to 107kg.

Better Performance

The Activa 6G's engine has been revamped with the integration of modern fuel-injection technology, resulting in refined power delivery and improved fuel efficiency. Although the acceleration may be slightly gradual, particularly with a pillion rider, the Activa 6G's smoother power build-up and enhanced tractability make it an ideal companion for urban commuting.

Key Features:

●     The Activa 6G retains the 109cc, air-cooled, single-cylinder engine but has upgraded to fuel injection.

●     This results in a refined power delivery, making it more suitable for city riding.

●    The scooter accelerates smoothly and is comfortable for both the rider and pillion.

●    The engine output is 7.68bhp while maintaining a torque rating of 8.8Nm.

●    Notably, fuel efficiency has improved, with an estimated real-world figure of up to 45kmpl.

Ride & Handling

The Honda Activa 6G bike model has an upgraded suspension system featuring telescopic front forks and a 3-step adjustable mono-shock, which provides a remarkable balance between comfort and responsive handling. With the ability to adjust the shock settings according to the load or road conditions, the Activa 6G ensures a smooth and stable ride, even at higher speeds. The extended wheelbase further enhances its stability and control, contributing to an overall improved riding experience.

●    The Activa 6G now features a telescopic front suspension and a 3-step adjustable mono-shock at the rear.

●    This setup enhances the scooter's handling, providing precise control and a balanced mix of comfort and feedback.

●    The longer wheelbase contributes to better stability at higher speeds.

●    The Activa 6G offers versatility with adjustable suspension settings for different riding conditions.

●    Despite the one-piece seat remaining unchanged, it offers excellent cushioning for long rides.

●   The Activa 6G retains drum brakes at both the front and rear.

●   While they suffice for solo riding, stopping with a pillion from higher speeds may feel less secure.


The Activa 6G price in India starts at Rs. 70,500 and presents a compelling package, boasting significant upgrades in design, performance, and handling. Despite the absence of modern features found in contemporary scooters, the Activa 6G's enduring appeal lies in its reliability, practicality, and refined user experience. 

While it may not cater to those seeking cutting-edge connectivity, the Activa 6G remains a top contender for individuals prioritising a no-frills, high-quality scooter option. With its loyal fanbase and consistent track record, the Activa 6G is poised to maintain its stronghold in the scooter market for the foreseeable future.

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