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The level of medicine in Germany is the highest in Europe, so patients from all over the world come here for treatment. German healthcare practitioners successfully treat even the most severe and rare diseases. Hospitals in Germany admit both German citizens and foreign patients. If you want to undergo treatment in Germany, use the Booking Health service to select a hospital and a doctor. On the website, you will find the list of the best German medical centers and treatment prices.


Which hospitals admit foreign patients

In Germany there are university, municipal, private and church-operated hospitals. All of them accept foreign patients. Which German hospital is better to choose depends on the diagnosis, as well as the requirements for comfort, the level of medical services, and the cost of treatment.

University hospitals are considered the best in Germany. People come here to take advantage of innovations in medicine or to perform a unique, very complex operation.

However, if you have a common disease (for example, you need to undergo gallbladder removal or receive conservative therapy for diabetes mellitus), then you can save money by visiting the municipal hospital. Such healthcare facilities also have good doctors and use modern methods of treatment, including laparoscopy, endovascular manipulations, new types of radiation therapy for cancer treatment, etc.

Private hospitals offer a high level of comfort. Many of them are located in picturesque places. Often, private hospitals have a narrow specialization: for example, urology, orthopedics, dentistry, infertility treatment, etc.


Advantages of German hospitals

German clinics have many advantages, such as:

- High qualification of healthcare practitioners, as in Germany there is a high-quality and long-term medical training

- The most modern equipment

- The most up-to-date therapeutic methods

- Sparing treatment with a low risk of complications and a fast recovery

- Comfortable conditions during the hospital stay

- Quality work of nursing staff; pain relief and symptomatic therapy

- Early rehabilitation, which begins immediately after the treatment completion


What diseases are treated in German hospitals

Most often, medical tourists visit Germany in order to receive medical care for severe, rare diseases, or to make the treatment of a not that dangerous condition safer and less traumatic.

Oncology is the most common diagnosis among medical tourists. Up to 40% of people coming to Germany see doctors for cancer. The level of cancer care in Germany is very high. Operations of any complexity are carried out here. When possible, surgical interventions are minimally invasive, although more often they are open. In any case, surgeons perform the intervention in the most sparing way, with the preservation of the organ, and if possible without significant functional impairment. If any functions or appearance of a person suffer as a result of treatment, a reconstructive stage is subsequently carried out in order to restore all defects. German oncologists use the latest techniques, and some of them are available only in the best university hospitals.

Other popular destinations for medical tourism in Germany are cardiac surgery, neurosurgery, orthopedics, urology, and gynecology.

If you want to travel to Germany for treatment, visit the Booking Health website first. It is convenient to choose a healthcare facility and treatment method here. In addition, you will see the updated prices for all medical procedures. When the choice is made, Booking Health specialists will fully arrange your trip abroad.

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