How a 15 min Heavy Bag Workout Can Transform Your Boxing Routine

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Starting your boxing career means you need to show your dedication and work persistently to get better. Being a boxer you will choose a life that will not only help you become strong physically but also emotionally. Most boxers think that boxing is all about adjusting your punches and choosing an attacking mode. However in real life when you get in the ring you are expected to analyze everything before you start shooting your shots. Your overall body strength along with your stance and how you choose your punches are very important. Most people choose an aggressive punching style and they just try to attack the opponent without realizing that this will not favor them. To become a successful boxer you need to pick simple cues and predict things before so you can manage your reaction accordingly. You also need to know how to read the body language of your opponent so you can know what to do and to what extent. You also need to have an estimate about how close you can get to your opponent without getting hit back with full force.

Most people starting their boxing career only focus on the technique and styles of punching. They do not realize that the power you hold in your fist and how you attack someone is very important. You can become technically aware of throwing a good punch but if your timing, prediction, and your technique do not complement your resolve, you will soon find yourself questioning the overall workout style. In the heat of the moment, most people get very close to the opponent which makes them vulnerable so they do not have enough time to get back to a safe position. Unlike the expectation, your workout needs to involve your full body as well as your mind so that you can choose to be swift, fast, and precise with your movements.

With the help of this article, we will mainly highlight why you need to have a heavy bag workout. We will then look at the benefits and how a heavy bag workout can help you become better at boxing.


How Heavy Bag Will Impact the Training?

A heavy bag workout is usually used for improving the power of the punch. On the contrary shadow boxing improves technique and speed boxing helps you pick up a good pace. When you start training and you have enough command over the technique the next step is to improve the power so that when you push an opponent or punch him, it causes some effect. For this reason, you need to start by using the heavy bag and see if you can push it hard enough to make an impact. Usually, a heavy bag is filled with sand and the weight is equal to the weight of a human being. For the first few days, you might not be able to make enough impact however, as the things improve you will see that you have mastered the power generation through the core that further leads to the shoulder arm, and with the help of the fist you can convert this energy to your opponent. Usually, you will have an opponent with you but for practice, you will need a heavy bag. In most cases when the boxer has to work individually without the help of an opponent, a heavy bag workout is recommended.

What Kind of Training Can Be Down With a Heavy Bag?

There are so many different workouts that you can try with the help of a heavy bag because a heavy bag will work as a substitute for an opponent. There are so many different workouts you can try, each workout has its significance and it will impact your body and skill differently. Here are some of the best heavy bag workouts that you can try:


Extreme Push

Extreme push is the workout that will help you improve the strength of your body and test your endurance. For this, you will push the bag to the opposite side and as it comes closer you will push it to the extreme with full force.

Speed Boxing

Speed boxing as the name suggests is very simple. You will select three possible points where you will push with full speed. Usually, the points of punches are somewhere above the neck, in the middle or core, and near the face. The goal is to maintain a good speed and make the most out of the limited time while adjusting the power of your body.


Sprint Boxing

For sprint boxing, you will set a two-minute timer. During this timer, you will start by punching the bag with full power and full speed for two minutes. Then you will adjust the speed some people pause it down completely whereas, others reduce the speed. It depends on the overall workout and the ability of your body.


Move Boxing

This is a simple workout where you will push your heavy bag to the other side. The idea is that as you push the bag, you will adjust according to its movement and see how you can avoid it while pushing it to the other side with the help of your punches. For the first few minutes, you might struggle however as your body starts to respond you will see that the course of the bag will be fixed.


Bottom Line

To sum it all up, starting your technical punching training might be the first step but if you want to make sure that your punching skills become fruitful, you cannot neglect the use of the heavy bag. The heavy bag has been designed according to the bodyweight so when you do not have an opponent you will have to practice with the heavy bag so you can see if you will be able to push your opponent at any given time. Most people technically become very sound they know n when and how to punch someone but their punch is not powerful enough that it can force their opponent to move. A good heavy bag workout will not only help with power training but also help you to move according to your opponent. As the wings of the bag, you will know how you will adjust the steps according to the swing of the bag. Similarly, you also need to practice according to the precision so you know when and where to punch at what speed for a better outcome.

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