How a Blind Artist Challenges The World Around Him

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Pakistan has a low rate of visual impairment as compared to other developing countries, and yet blindness is still among the most feared physical afflictions. For the understanding and for the help of blind peoples, the art of Braille books is introduced. Braille is a reading and writing system for blind and vision- impaired people, made up of raised dots that can be ˜read' by touch.

The Artist, Mr. Salman Elahi was not completely blind by birth, but he was born with the disease named œRetinis Pigmentosa but now, he is completely blind. His entire life was full of challenges, but he faced them with great enthusiasm.

Mr. Salman Elahi's family was very supportive towards him especially his sister, he said, œDuring my education period, she is the one who reads books for me whole day and helps me.

The 45 years old artist, Salman Elahi has a Master's degree in Sociology and also has Master's degree in International Relations. Not only this, Mr. Salman Elahi has also completed a Diploma in entrepreneurship from IBA.

Mr. Elahi used Whatsapp and other social platforms by using sound tools or listening tools, he said: œsounds tools or listening tools made our lives easy.

In order to make society inclusive, Salman Elahi founded BINAE Education Foundation in 2017. This foundation is putting efforts into integrating blind people into it. They introduced Braille books, Braille banking sectors forms, Braille Quran Pak and Braille menu cards.

 Binae Welfare Foundation offers various courses such as computer courses, cooking courses, audio editing, English courses, and makeup courses for visually impaired peoples.

 The motive of Binae Welfare Foundations to is to promote the visually impaired people and increase their knowledge through different courses which helps them to secure good jobs, earning members and useful citizens of the society. He said œdisability doesn't exist; the structure and mentality are the things that make people disable or make successful.

The Artist, Mr., Salman Elahi has also played Blind Cricket World cup for the national team of Pakistan. The founder of (BWF) Mr.Salman Elahi was also invited in IBA main campus as motivational speaker where he delivered a speech on œKey to Success addressing œFreedom and Discoloration. He also attended 1stPakistan blind Youth Conference in 2012.  Mr. Salman Elahi also conduct Awareness sessions in universities, colleges, and in offices.

Mr. Salman Elahi is an inspiration, he advised everyone, as he said œwe need to stop being judgmental and start to think positive because positivity is the first key to success.

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