How Are Curtain Walls Manufactured?

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The construction industry reaps significantly from the benefits of aluminum curtain walls. They are versatile and durable, making them applicable in a wide range of building designs, and they can be installed in a snap to support a wide range of glazing options. The curtain wall design process involves three main parts: curtain grids, curtain panels, and mullions panels. Aluminum's low maintenance and high corrosion resistance make it an excellent choice for application in harsh environments.

Curtain walls have glazing that can offer a variety of advantages, such as increased energy efficiency, more natural light, and better soundproofing. Additionally, adequately manufactured curtain walls improve your buildings’ indoor air quality, reduce energy expenses, and protect the building from the effects of the elements. Read on!


What Is a Curtain Wall?

Curtain walls are an alternative to traditional thick and heavy building materials, often made of aluminum and glass. These walls aren't meant to support anything beyond their weight. They simply channel the effects of the elements onto the building's framework instead. Curtain walls are airtight and waterproof, so the interior doesn't get wet.


How Are Curtain Walls Made?

Fabrication and assembly are the main steps in producing a curtain wall unit. Think of the fabrication step as preparing materials and parts for assembling the curtain wall. The aluminum framings extruded by an aluminum press like this take up most of the time and resources in the curtain wall manufacturing process; they play a crucial role in ensuring high-quality and functional curtain wall systems. Since glass parts are often ordered on demand, no special processing is required to make them.

Then comes the assembly process, which involves joining the fabricated parts, the aluminum framings, and the glass units.

The panels' components within the frame are then sealed and adhered to using silicone sealant. After the fabrication and assembly process, it is time to clean, pack and get the curtain wall units to the client.


Advantages of Curtain Walls

Strength: curtain walls have structural integrity that can withstand wind loads, earthquakes, and other outside forces.

Resistance to the harsh environment: Curtain walls are designed to protect the interior of the building from the effects of weather conditions while still letting it breathe.

Thermal insulation: Curtain walls made of aluminum must have enough thermal insulation to keep your building’s interior warm and energy efficient.

They look good! Curtain walls are usually made to look nice and match the general style of your building's architecture.

Durability: Given that curtain wall designs should withstand weather conditions without needing a lot of upkeep, Aluminum's sturdiness and durability come in handy in ensuring they do the job.

Maintenance: You can easily maintain and clean your curtain wall to stay in good shape and keep working well.

They are Sustainable: Advancements like high-performance insulation and double glazing are only two examples of the green and energy-efficient elements commonly found in today's aluminum curtain wall constructions.


Take Away

Now that you know how they are made, you can get curtain walls from Standard catalog manufacturer systems or customize them for intricate building designs. Also, the curtain wall manufacturing process may seem simple from this perspective.

Still, it involves high expertise and proper manufacturing equipment to ensure high-quality and safe curtain walls. Thanks to our quality products and services, you can get all this and more from JMA Aluminium. We offer thermal break and standard curtain walls. We have you covered if you want to ensure your building process is a breeze!

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