How BCA helps launch your IT Career?

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A Bachelor of Computer Application is one of the most promising and coveted programs available today. It is unquestionably one of those programs that guarantees you a career with stability and a respectable salary in the field of information technology. Over the years, BCA has evolved and remained current with the demands of the technical world, diversifying into BCA online course with the globalization of technology. Its stream flexibility is one of its benefits. Even students who choose the Arts or Commerce stream in high school can choose a BCA degree and pursue careers in software design, website development, and app development—fields that were previously solely open to science majors. Let's take a look at how BCA may assist you to start your career in the field of Information and Technology.


The demand for BCA in the IT world

BCA may rightfully claim to be the bachelor's degree that is in the highest demand in India as well as abroad. Most IT companies are always looking out for candidates with a BCA degree while hiring. Right after completing their final year of college,  many BCA students frequently obtain jobs at prestigious organizations like Adobe, TCS, Google, and Microsoft, among others. Upon completing the BCA course, a student is qualified to apply for the BCA job profiles of a programmer, software developer, software tester, etc. Firstly, it is important to understand that there is a major dearth of IT professionals in the present scenario.  The gap between the supply and demand of IT professionals can be seen most clearly in Western World, providing a golden chance for BCA students to fill up this gap and seize these job opportunities.


Skill Building 

A bachelor's degree in computer applications, for instance, is a bundle of all-around skill development. As a BCA student, you will learn a variety of technical abilities that will broaden your work prospects and offer you an advantage over competitors in the tech industry. C, Java, C++, and Python, as well as other widely preferred programming languages, are taught to BCA students. The BCA Curriculum in itself is very broad ranging in terms of topics covered by it like Hardware Lab, Digital Computer Fundamentals, Interpersonal Communication, Software Engineering, Unix Programming, and numerous additional subjects.


Ample Job Opportunities

BCA graduates are in-demand in both the private and public sectors. Nowadays, every government organization utilizes computer applications and software for which they require BCA graduates. Some of the government sectors that hire people with BCA backgrounds are – The Employees' Provident Fund Organisation(EPFO), Guwahati High Court, National Institute of Veterinary Epidemiology and Disease Informatics(NIVEDI), NIOS- National Institute of Open Schooling, and various banks. In the private sector too, there are numerous big firms like Google, Infosys, Microsoft, Twitter, Tech Mahindra, WIPRO, IBM, etc.


Here is a list of some jobs that you can bag after pursuing BCA:

1. Web Developer:

This is the most sought-after job in the Information Technology sector. The primary job of a Web Developer is to create and maintain a website. They must have adequate knowledge of both graphic designing and coding. They are in charge of the technical spheres of a website like the range of traffic it can accommodate and its overall performance. They must either have enough knowledge to deal with different kinds of websites or can choose to specialize in a particular kind of website.


2. Educator

This job is perfect for people who own a lot of subject matter regarding computer science and are interested in teaching. High achievers of academics in the Information Technology sector are also ideal for this job. This post involves imparting knowledge about Computer Science in schools, colleges, and other educational institutes. Many educational institutions directly hire BCA graduates without asking for any other qualifications. This can be an ideal part-time or even full-time job with adequate time for oneself.


3. Cyber Security Expert

With the increase in exposure to social media and the Internet, this job is gaining recognition for its present-day relevance. This job involves maintaining the security of data using intricate software and tools. This job can land you posts in both the private and public sectors. One must have deep knowledge of software and programming to get this job. This vocation involves addressing the technical loopholes in the system and fixing them. The people applying for this job must have even practical life skills like attention to detail and willingness to learn. 

You can also make your mark by getting a job as-

- Computer Network Architect    

- System Analyst Software Engineer          

- Software Developer     

- Web Analyst    

- Computer Network Architect    

- Web Programmer         

- Database Manager       

- Web Administrator


It can thus be concluded that opting for BCA either via the regular mode or via online BCA admission is a golden opportunity for students that can help the students to establish themselves and reach new heights in the IT world. It can be a paving stone for their bright future in the world of technology.

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