How CBD stores are gaining popularity around the world

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The CBD industry has undergone a complete transformation over the last decade. Looking at the CBD industry of today, it is hard to believe that CBD stores were once a rare find, and CBD products were hidden away at the back of health food stores.

Fast forward to today; CBD stores are everywhere and incredibly easy to find. Walk around a USA mall or down a British high street, and there will surely be a surprising number of CBD-focused stores.

There has been a sudden rise in CBD oil shops, not just in retail spaces. The online market has also seen hundreds of new brands and ways to buy CBD appear. The options for customers are now endless, making CBD one of the most accessible types of supplements around.

So, what has changed, and why are CBD stores gaining such sudden popularity worldwide? Let's take a look back at the significant changes that have taken place over the last decade and how they have led to the CBD industry of today.


Legal changes that have affected the CBD industry

Many countries around the world have reevaluated the legal status of CBD and hemp-based products in the last decade. This has had a significant impact on the CBD industry and its popularity.

The most notable of these legal changes came from the Farm Bill, passed in the USA in 2018. The Farm Bill completely changed the legal status of hemp-derived products for the first time, making them legal on a federal level.

The Farm Bill distinguished between delta-9 THC, the psychoactive compound found in low-quantities in hemp plants, and all other cannabinoids that occur within the plant, including CBD. Delta-9 THC remains an illegal substance on a federal level, while all other cannabinoids are now legal to grow, sell, and use. 

Hemp-based products are now regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the USA as opposed to the Drug Enforcement Agency. There are also clear regulations governing how much THC can legally be present in CBD and hemp products. CBD products are legally allowed to contain a maximum of 0.3% delta-9 THC.

While these legal changes might have only impacted the USA, that has hugely positive ramifications for the CBD industry worldwide. Many counties started to follow by setting their own regulations and guidance for the safe sale of CBD and hemp products.

For the first time, CBD was being viewed worldwide as its own thing rather than being associated with THC and its psychoactive effects.


Technological and scientific advances that have affected the CBD industry

The sudden interest in CBD as a health supplement that arose due to the passing of the Farm Bill led to researchers showing a significant amount of interest within the industry.

Medical researchers started to increase efforts to understand CBD better and how it can be beneficial as a dietary supplement. This led to significant evidence regarding how CBD can help with everything from stress management to treating chronic pain. These findings, in turn, led to people gaining interest in trying CBD for themselves and wanting to learn more about the different ways they could access CBD oil products.

At the same time, several critical technological advances were underway that have shaped the CBD industry that we know today. For example, research into developing a better hemp strain with a higher CBD ratio and LED lighting for indoor growing labs. These technological advances have made the growing and manufacturing of CBD products much more efficient and, in turn, more accessible to the consumer.


How the way that people learn about CBD is changing

The internet has played an enormous role in educating people about CBD products and getting people interested in using CBD as part of their regular diet.

Previously there has been very little information for people without medical and scientific backgrounds who want to learn more about CBD. However, improved marketing techniques paired with the Internet have changed this.

A quick Google search now yields a wealth of information that has been written with accessibility in mind. There is no longer the need to spend hours working through medical studies to find out whether CBD supplements could treat a specific condition.

With a better understanding of what CBD is and its potential health benefits comes a growing demand for CBD products. CBD stores worldwide have gained popularity to coincide with better access to information.


Changes in the way that people access CBD products

One of the significant changes that have taken place in the last decade is how people can access CBD products.

CBD stores are everywhere, and CBD products can also be easily purchased online. This differs from even five years ago when CBD products made up a small section at the back of health and wellness stores.

Better access to CBD products has helped to normalize the idea of using CBD oil as a supplement and has also helped to raise awareness of CBD.

CBD stores continue to grow in popularity as even more people learn about CBD and become interested in using it as a regular health supplement.
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