How Crystals Influence Psychic Readings

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You can find them at your local farmer's market, in your friend's bedroom, and maybe even hanging around your partner's neck. People everywhere are embracing the power and beauty of crystals. Whether cut and polished or rough and raw, earth crystals and gemstones hold the potential to help you channel divine energy to improve your life. That's why you'll often find psychic readings with crystals as an option when you book a consultation with a psychic. Keep reading to discover how crystals influence psychic readings.


Setting the Intention for Your Reading

There are many reasons why your psychic may use crystals during your reading, but one of the more common uses is to set an intention. This is a crucial step that happens early on during a psychic reading, and you may have come across it before. Your psychic will usually begin your session by setting an intention so that the universe knows exactly what type of messages you hope to receive. Crystals are natural tools for channeling divine energy, which makes them perfect receptors for carrying and transmitting intentions. 

Your psychic may have a few different channels for connecting with Spirit, including the powers of clairvoyance, clairaudience, and more. Crystals act as amplifiers for these intuitive skills, which is why when you speak to clairsentience power psychics online, you might see that your psychic has a setup of crystals around them.


Crystals To Balance & Remove Negative Energy

Crystals not only amplify intuitive abilities, but they also balance and remove negative energy. Crystals and gemstones take shape in the earth, which makes them conduits for unseen vibrations and energy. The stored energy inside of different crystals can help adjust and cleanse your own energy field.

You could carry negative energy for any number of reasons. You might have a mental block when thinking or talking about a difficult subject, and your psychic will identify that blockage as negative energy. On the other hand, the negative energy you feel around you might be coming from other people in your life as well. Whatever the case is, it's best to start your psychic reading by recalibrating the energy around you, and crystals can help accomplish that goal. 


Connecting to Divine Vibrations for Healing

Crystals contain the power to help you move through complex situations and find a path forward for healing. When you consult with a psychic who has a deep knowledge of crystals, they will offer the appropriate gemstone or crystal for your situation. Some gemstones and crystals you might encounter include: 

- Clear quartz for cleansing energy

- Obsidian for working through emotions

- Amethyst for creating pure intentions

- Moonstone for improving resilience

- Citrine for sparking creative solutions

If you feel stuck in life, whether it's related to your career, romantic relationships, family, or your purpose, crystals can offer enhanced clarity and stronger messages during psychic readings. Crystals are powerful tools, especially for situations such as real psychic readings to find a missing person. Consult with a psychic today to unlock your potential and get the answers you deserve.

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