How Do I Start Writing a Book of Fiction

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Writing a book can be a very exciting and rewarding thing. It is also a great challenge, especially if you don't have experience with writing a novel. Here you can find some tips which will help you to start the process of writing. 

Use Some Help 

For some people, writing a novel can seem easy. But once you start, you can quickly notice it's much more complex than it seems. This is why it's important to reach for good resources that can help you to build a plot, develop characters, create convincing dialogues, and so on. You can read famous books like œThe Writer's Journey, take a creative writing course, or use free internet resources to gain some knowledge. 

If you have some spare money to invest in your writing career, you should consider the possibility of learning from experts. Neil Gaiman's Masterclass review gives you some insights into one of the most popular creative writing masterclasses. 

Brainstorm Ideas 

All books were ideas at first. This is why it's crucial to think about what you want to say. If you have a vague idea, you should brainstorm with your friends. Think about novel aspects, such as characters, settings, possible plot twists, and where the action happens. It's likely you won't see everything clearly in the beginning, but you should have a general frame for your novel before you start writing. 

Outline the Plot 

Once you get a general idea about your book, divide it. Create an outline of the plot. During the process, you will probably mix things up a little, but it can help you see clearly what should appear in your story and when. Additionally, having an outline can be helpful while creating your own deadlines; for example, you can have a goal to write chapter one by the end of the month. 

Write Down Information About Characters

Characters are a very important part of a book. We love and we hate them, but they should be memorable. As an author, you know about your characters much more than your reader. Create a file where you write down what they are like. Note their appearance, but also write down what they like, what they hate, who they like and why, when they were born. All this information doesn't have to end up in your novel, but it will help you to create more realistic and believable personas. 

Don't Aim For Perfection

Many experienced writers warn beginners from constantly reading and editing what was already done. They suggest to first œget the story out and just then start editing, adding, and taking away some of the material. So don't aim for perfection, at least at first. Write the story you want to tell, and just in the end, start editing and proofreading. Thanks to that, you will not only finish your book faster but also stay motivated. 

Start Writing 

The most obvious, yet sometimes the hardest part, is to start writing. Don't be afraid to do it, and enjoy the process. The key is to get ideas on paper and develop them with time. Try to stay motivated even when experiencing writer's block. Commit yourself to writing, and remember that even one sentence written down can bring you closer to your ultimate goal.

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