How Do You Feel When Taking THC-O Gummies?

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There has been a tremendous increase in companies offering THC-O gummies for sale online. Also known as THC-O acetate, this synthetic cannabinoid offers a high that’s three times as potent as what you feel when using delta-9-THC, the famed intoxicating cannabinoid in marijuana.

Although the so-called “spiritual cannabinoid” has only been widely available for sale recently, it was the subject of U.S. military research decades ago. Scientists wanted to see if it would induce ataxia in dogs. Ataxia is a condition that causes damage to the nervous system. It transpired that THC-O eroded the canines’ muscle coordination twice as much as delta-9-THC.

Clearly, if you buy THC-O gummies, you must respect their potency. Otherwise, you could experience unpleasant hallucinogenic effects. This article explores what you may experience after using THC-O gummies and determines whether there are any safety concerns. 

THC-O Gummies – Play the Waiting Game

First and foremost, as you’re consuming an edible, patience is key! After eating the THC-O gummy, it gets absorbed into your bloodstream. However, the absorption process is much slower than when using oils, dry flower, or vape products. The time it takes for THC-O gummies to have an effect varies depending on the amount you consume and whether there is any other food in your stomach.

Typically, you won’t feel the peak effect for 2-3 hours, although this can vary from one user to the next. The strongest effects tend to occur about three hours after ingestion, although, once again, this figure is not set in stone. Nor is the likely duration of effects, which tend to hit the six-hour mark but could exceed 12.

Therefore, when trying THC-O gummies, do NOT consume more if the effects aren’t noticeable after an hour. Doing so only increases the risk of an unpleasant experience because THC-O is much more potent than delta-9-THC.


What Can You Expect to Feel When Using THC-O Gummies?

We must point out that there is no universal THC-O gummies experience. However, the following information is gleaned from thousands of anecdotal reports. You may feel an airy cerebral high at first, similar to a potent sativa marijuana strain, but without feeling as if your thoughts are racing.

Next, a strong body high is likely to impact you, making your legs feel “strange” at first, though you’ll soon get used to the sensation. A significant proportion of users claim that once THC-O gummies hit their peak effect, the experience is similar to what one might feel when using LSD. Yes, THC-O can make you hallucinate!

You are also likely to view the world through a new lens. Even the most cynical user of THC-O gummies may find that they want to explore; they see the wonder in the smallest things and are keen to touch and feel almost everything they see. Unquestionably, THC-O is worth consuming before a nature trail hike, although you must do so in the presence of friends, as using THC-O alone, especially for the first time, isn’t the best idea.

Towards the end of the high, you may also get attacked by a case of the munchies. With this in mind, ensure you have snacks ready and waiting! A sensation of giddiness may accompany you for a few more hours as the experience slowly but inexorably fades.


Is It Safe to Use THC-O Gummies?

While THC-O advocates say it is completely safe, the truth is there isn’t enough research into the cannabinoid to know for sure. According to Dr. Ethan Russo, a well-respected name in the marijuana research field, there is no guarantee that THC-O isn’t toxic in some fashion. Russo points out that the compound may not get broken down properly by the liver and could potentially accumulate.

Another major issue when buying THC-O gummies is finding a reputable seller. Even if the cannabinoid is safe to consume, plenty of shady companies sell low-grade products. After all, THC-O is a synthetic cannabinoid not found naturally in marijuana. Regarding safety, much depends on the protocols used by manufacturers. This is why you should play it safe and make your purchase from a respected brand such as PureKana.


Final Thoughts on THC-O Gummies

A recent Supreme Court ruling means that products containing cannabinoids such as THC-O, delta-8-THC, and THCP are not federally illegal. Therefore, you can potentially buy THC-O gummies online legally. However, please check your state’s laws because certain jurisdictions have moved to make such products illegal.

When using THC-O gummies, be patient and wait for the high. Then, relax and enjoy the unique experience, which is very different from what you feel when using marijuana.

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