How Furniture Delivery Software Helps Improve Customer Experience

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Many entrepreneurs across the globe have understood the value of delivering furniture or providing furniture rental services. Their target audience – millennials and Gen-Z focuses on aesthetics and comfort of choice. To deliver exceptional customer service to this impatient customer category, it's important to optimize for efficient furniture delivery.

For such businesses, digitization via field service management software is important. Read more to understand how furniture delivery software helps improve customer service and increase satisfaction.
Customer service challenges faced by furniture delivery businesses

The furniture delivery business is logistics-intensive – and hence, faces below challenges in ensuring exceptional customer experience:

  1. Ensuring error-free delivery of items: many furniture items are delicate or very heavy. Businesses need to optimize their delivery methods accordingly and take necessary precautions to ensure 100% item delivery.
  2. Assembly and installation: provided the furniture is delivered right, businesses also need to deploy resources and instruct manpower for the assembly of the furniture. Not providing adequate service is a major source of customer dissatisfaction.
  3. Last mile delivery: most furniture delivery businesses are B2C, and may involve delivering to remote locations. One has to coordinate and navigate residential or commercial complexes to ensure on-time delivery.
  4. Delivery timelines: customers indeed expect quick delivery as furniture is a necessity for frequent packers and movers. Delivery delays can cause frustration among customers as it may hinder their daily life.
Competition in the market: the furniture delivery market is growing rapidly as consumers move to rental-based models. Thus, businesses need to find ways to acquire customers and ensure positive reviews.

What is furniture delivery software?

Furniture delivery software is a field service management tool to manage and optimize logistics and delivery operations for furniture delivery businesses. It primarily helps in digitizing your business operations for better visibility, performance tracking, and management.

A good furniture delivery software will include below critical features:

  1. Real-time tracking: the ability to share updates with customers and back-office teams about the location of delivery in the chain.
  2. Real-time communication: receive and share updates with field service technicians or logistics workers regarding any changes in final delivery.
  3. Customer support: allow your customers to raise support tickets or ask for queries about their furniture delivery.
  4. Scheduling and dispatching for assembly: for furniture items that require installation, you can schedule an appointment and assign the right field service technician.
  5. Invoice management: follow up for lead conversion, receive quick payments from customers, and pay your workers on time by automating invoicing and payment workflows.

How does implementing furniture delivery software improve customer experience?

Delivering the furniture is the last leg of operation where you directly interact with the customer. A furniture delivery software will help you implement customer-centric strategies.

Here's how it helps you improve your customer experience to foster loyalty:
Efficient scheduling and dispatching of delivery

A field service management app allow customers to choose delivery time as per their availability. Once confirmed, the software assigns the delivery to the relevant field service technicians as per their availability, skill set, and location. Customers can also reschedule the visits or get instantly notified about a lack of delivery executives.

By providing control of the delivery experience to the customers, your business reduces the chances of providing a dissatisfied service. It also helps increase first-time delivery rates – a crucial performance indicator for the logistics industry. A good first-time delivery rate will significantly reduce operational costs.

Real-time tracking and communication

Field service management software like Zuper provides real-time tracking of delivery executives. It also includes features that help you update the delivery status of your customers. Such features reduce support tickets and anxious calls from customers asking for updates on their furniture deliveries.

The software also helps you notify the customers when the delivery is about to happen so that they are ready for the same.

Undertake personalized delivery

Digitization saves time and resources, which your business can use for providing customized services for customers. A piece of furniture is important for any home – and many would have specific instructions regarding its delivery, assembly, and installation.

By providing this option, your business also reduces support requests from customers as you are taking efforts to meet exact customer expectations.

Manage returns and exchanges

Implementing a good and fair return and exchange policy is crucial for customer satisfaction in the logistics and eCommerce industry. A customer will not accept defective or damaged furniture, and it's important to schedule returns or exchanges in such cases.

Using furniture delivery software helps you manage such requests seamlessly. A good return or exchange experience helps gain customer trust. 

Experience furniture delivery software for improved customer satisfaction

As markets get more competitive with new players, furniture delivery businesses need to focus on customer satisfaction. By investing in digitizing field service operations, your business reduces costs and saves time with reduced customer support tickets.

At Zuper, we understand the nuances of delivering furniture as expected by your customer. Our field service management solution provides the necessary visibility in the complete delivery cycle. Book a demo to know more about how Zuper can integrate with your current business operations.
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