How Handyman Services Can Keep Your Home in Top Shape

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Keeping up with routine house maintenance activities will save you time and money in the long run. It is just like getting your vehicle's tuning done regularly keeps your engine happy and healthy.

To your relief, you can complete most of it even if you lack relevant prior experience. Just find a local handyman on home improvement apps like Easefix.

Handyman services can be a valuable asset to any homeowner. They provide a wide range of services that can help keep your home in top shape and ensure that it is safe and functional for you and your family. From basic repairs to major renovations, handymen can help you with all of your home improvement needs.

As long as these tasks are completed, your house will be a happy place to live for many years to come no matter what method you choose to implement.

In this blog, we will explore some of the many ways that handyman services can keep your home in top shape.


Monthly Home Maintenance

- Cleaning of Air conditioning filters: Although replacing filters every month may not be essential, however they should be regularly cleaned. Changing the filters every two to three months should be fine for smaller households without pets or allergy sufferers. The handyman will inspect the filter to see if it needs to be replaced because of dirt.

- Sink disposal cleaning: The handyman can help in kitchen drain cleaning. It can be done by running some vinegar-infused ice cubes into the garbage disposal. There are other ways to do it, but vinegar ice cubes is an effective option. In addition to reviving it, ice has the added benefit of honing the blades.

- Range Hood Filter Cleaning. The handyman can take the filter out of the hood to clean it. He will use a degreaser and hot water. He will clean the filter by soaking it for a few minutes, then a quick rinse, and it will be ready to use.

- Fire extinguisher check: If there is a fire extinguisher at your home, the handyman will check it for any obstructions. He will ensure the pressure gauge reads correctly, and that there are no obvious signs of damage.


Quarterly Home Maintenance

- Servicing of Alarm System: The handyman can help test smoke detectors. He can replace the batteries and remove the rust on the battery terminals. He will also sweep it clean. if you need a new detector, he can also install it

- Installation of Security Devices: Handymen can also help you with safety and security. They can install security systems, and other safety features to keep your home and family safe. The can check and rectify problems with garage door auto-reverse feature if you have one at your home.

- Deep Cleaning of Guest Toilets: This is especially true for sinks and water sources that are rarely used, such as those in guest bathrooms. The goal is to stop the accumulation of dirt and other debris. A handyman can help with periodically flowing water through less frequently used toilets and drains.

- Clean Home Water Filtration System: You can hire a handyman for quarterly cleaning of your domestic water filtration system's cleaning. He will clean the containers, replace filters, and check the water softener.


Twice yearly Home Maintenance

- Boiler check: A handyman will check the pressure relief valve in your water heater is working correctly. If there is mineral or corrosion buildup that may cause leaks, he will remove it. It will your boiler efficiency and longevity.

- Thorough Home Cleaning: The house needs a thorough deep cleaning around once every six months. Your home will remain in great form if you maintain it by keeping it clean and free of filth, grime, and dust on a regular basis. The handyman service can help clean your home's mechanicals, all the windows, every crevice (even the basement), etc. every six months.

- Smoke Detector Battery Replacement: Smoke detector batteries need a complete swap every six months. A handyman can replace smoke detector batteries with expertise and convenience.

- Servicing The Fridge-freezer Coils: When the coils grow filthy, your refrigerator uses more energy. Most of the professional handymen are refrigerator repairman also. They can help you with vacuuming the refrigerator cois so that is works as efficiently as possible.


Yearly Home Maintenance



- Get your outdoor drains cleaned by an expert handyman. It will stop blockages and water will not stay near your home's foundation.

- If the gutters need cleaning or have a bad spout or loose connection, professional handymen can help clean the gutters.

- gutters. Fall leaves and winter snow/rain sediment may have accumulated on them.

- Examine your home and make any necessary repairs. Check for foundation cracks. If the paint is chipping in your home's exterior, or there is winter-damaged siding, handyman can solve several such issues.

- Get your air conditioner serviced by a handyman before every summer.

- Get the window screens fixed because a window screen hole lets bugs through.

- A handyman can be useful to remove dead plants/shrubs from the garden. He will trim trees and shrubs. He will also check trees for power line interference and trim professionally if needed.

- You may also require a professional handyman for repairing any roof damage, leaks, etc.



- A handyman can fix bathroom, kitchen, and other grout to improve tiled surfaces and extends their life.

- He will fix all faucets and toilets for leaks

- He can clean all the spaces for cobwebs, spiders, moths, and other insects.

- Deck/patio maintenance. Washing is usually enough. Decks may need re-staining. Fix any loose boards or posts.

- Leaves, debris, and animals can enter window wells. Handyman will also clean the basement window wells.

- A handyman will check for obstructions and clean dryer vent, other exhaust vents to exterior of home. He will also vacuum dryer hose lint.

- Frequent cleaning a garage will prolong its life. Handymen can help in garage cleaning and remove the oil smudged and dust accumulated there.



- Fall is for winter preparedness since cold, snow, and rain can damage a home.

- A handyman can help drain hot water heater sediment to increases heater efficiency and lifespan.

- He can help you cover the outdoor central air unit with a tarp or plastic sheeting and bungee cords.

- You can hire a handyman for furnace service/inspection that must be done annually like the AC. Fireplace also needs an annual upkeep.

- A handyman can flush outside faucets, cleanse hoses and sprinklers.

- He can also help in cleaning chimneys.

- Don't wait till your sump pump breaks down and get it tested by a handyman.

- Check driveway/pavement for cracks and get it re-sealed before winter since water can freeze and expand in cracks, causing severe damage.

- Snowfall is unpredictable so prepare for winter by having sidewalk salt, shovels, etc. with the help of a handyman.



- Winter is the time to check your home's interior for small items you may have missed or observed

- A handyman will look for ice dams and icicles and do front-roof de-icing effectively because melting might harm your foundation.

- He will rewire any non-working electrical outlets.

- He will tighten knobs, handles, racks, etc. and check for loose screws anywhere in your house.

- He will check and fix door and window locks, deadbolts and replace anything broken.

- Handyman can also help in fixing shower and bathtub caulking, clean showerheads to increase water pressure.

- You will need a handyman for dusting and cleaning the basement windows, and check for mold, etc.



Handyman services can be a valuable asset to any homeowner. They provide a wide range of services that can help keep your home in top shape and ensure that it is safe and functional for you and your family. From basic repairs to major renovations, handymen can help you with all of your home improvement needs.

By working with a professional handyman service like Easefix, you can save time, money, and ensure your home is in top shape.

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