From Fire to Flight: How Hot Air Balloons Really Work

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Hot air balloon ride is considered the most serene, mesmerising, and enjoyable ride to experience at least once in your lifetime. You can enjoy every beautiful city and nature view from the top. But do you know how exactly this fire balloon works?

Hot air balloon works by heating the air inside the balloon envelope, making it less dense and causing it to rise. The balloon is steered by adjusting its altitude. The less mass per unit of volume make the hot air balloon rides in Perth more smooth and swift.

Let's understand more about:


The process of raising a balloon

The balloon can keep rising with continuous heat. You can reheat the balloon with the burner positioned on the upper side of the balloon. Propane gas is used for heating the air in hot air balloons. A lightweight cylinder is filled with liquid propane gas and fixed with the basket to warm the air.

The propane compressed in the cylinder tends to hose the heating coil. It is a length of steel tubing fixed around the burner. The balloonist starts the burner, and propane flow in liquid form that converts into gas through certain procedures. The envelope is constructed with long nylon gores through the webbing. The gores are made from numerous smaller panels and extend from the base.

The hot air doesn't escape from the bottom as buoyancy keeps it upwards. It tends to take the balloon to an upper altitude till the fire continues to fuel the envelope. A bigger balloon can be raised to a higher altitude than a smaller one because of the limit to handle the heat.


Pilot a hot-air balloon

A pilot moves the control panel and opens the propane valve to heat the air. It increases the gas flow, and as soon as the flame increases, the pilot blasts a larger flame to heat the air rapidly.

The hot air balloon also has a second propane valve that sends the propane to heat coils. It burns the liquid propane, and that quietly produces a weaker flame. The second valve is used while passing over the livestock farms so that the animals don't get scared by the sound of burning gas fuel.

A cord is available to gape a parachute valve located at the envelope on the top side. The pilot pulls the cord to decrease the inner air temperature. These controls are there with the pilot to make hot air balloons rise and sink as needed.


Hot air balloon launch and landing

The crew has to search for a suitable point to launch a ride. After attaching a balloon envelope, they tend to lay it over the ground. They use a powerful fan base to inflate the balloon. After enough air, the pilot blasts the burner flame, and when the air gets sufficiently hot, the balloon tends to lift off from the ground. It takes about 10-15 minutes to launch a new ride.

The landing of a hot air balloon needs a proper possible site to land appropriately. It needs a wide open space with no power lines in between. An experienced pilot will make the landing swift by minimising the impact while landing. After landing, the parachute valve is opened to escape air and the balloon tends to get flattened.


Wind and weather suitability check

It is essential to check the wind speed and normal weather conditions. The weather should be ideal for a ride. You can book the ride in advance, or it might get postponed for a particular time or date based on weather suitability. Enquire about the Melbourne hot air balloon prices for a perfect ride. You can enjoy the serene morning view with sunrise, and the beauty of Melbourne city will look quite attractive from the top at reasonable prices.

The pilot checks that there is no possibility of storms or hailstorms in the way while riding. Hot air balloons cannot fly in the rainy season, and you will also not enjoy wet weather rides. Pilots call weather service to identify the wind speed, direction and weather conditions.



It will be interesting to know the hot air balloon history in detail as multiple calculations and scientific principles are involved in designing it. Many experiments were done with animals, and people are afraid of these balloons. A new trend was invented to share champagne to allow experiments. This is how hot air balloon rides came into existence, and everyone can enjoy an adventurous experience with an incredible top view.

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