How much does an event planner cost in Nigeria?

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The people of Nigeria celebrate various festivals throughout the year including marriage parties, birthday celebrations to corporate meetings, and product presentations. In essence, events have a major impact on the social fabric of the nation. In the modern world where high-end events are becoming normal, professionally planned events are at the top of the list and the demand for such professionals is on the rise.

An event can be a fulfilling and satisfying experience, on the other hand, it might be challenging to manage money. In Nigeria, the growing event industry is always ready to offer a range of solutions for institutions and individuals who would like to have a memorable event. Nevertheless, the question of how much an event planner costs in Nigeria often arises, is it worth it or should we try to do it by ourselves? This question sometimes makes people take the decision cautiously.

Nigerian Costs for Event Planners

1. Wedding Party

Wedding ceremonies have a huge place in Nigerian culture, they are usually very elaborate and magnificent. The cost of a wedding party in Nigeria can go from ?500,000 for a moderate party to ?10,000,000 for a high-end wedding at a posh location with the best catering, decor, and entertainment.

The following influence the cost of a wedding party:

i. Venue Selection: Venues with high prestige in major cities like Lagos and Abuja charge higher prices.

ii. Decorations: Intricate flower arrangements, lighting, and themed décor might be the icing on the cake. They can do wonders for your budget though.

iii. Catering and Cake: Food and cakes are usually very sumptuous and expensive during Nigerian weddings, consequently, increasing the amount of money spent.


2. Corporate Event

The costs of Nigeria's corporate events vary from one event to another, making it extremely difficult to put a price on one without extra information. On average, a corporate event in Nigeria can range from ?500,000 to ?5,000,000, but the specific cost may vary depending on how much money the organizers would like to spend on venue prestige, the number of guests, the catering preferences, and the level of entertainment.

3. Children's Party

Nigerian kids' parties are always full of happiness and glee, jammed with fun and crazy activities. The expense for a children's party can be anywhere between ?400,000 to ?1,000,000. The expenses are influenced by some factors, for example, venue, decorations, activities, and entertainment.

4. Birthday Party

Birthday parties in Nigeria are not celebrated like every other party, but instead with enthusiasm and flair, focusing on the celebrant's personality and preferences. The cost of a party can run the scale from N300,000 for a small family get-together at home to N800,000 or more for a grand, rented venue with food, entertainment, and decorations.


5. Funeral/Burial Ceremony

Funereals and burial ceremonies in Nigeria are solemn and culturally grounded events with roots in traditions. The cost of organizing a funeral or burial ceremony can be between ?500,000 to ?5,000,000 or more and can be dependent on factors such as venue, funeral services, catering, and cultural rites.

6. Special Themed Party

The special themed parties in Nigeria give room for creativity and jubilation which comes in many forms. The expenses of a themed party can range greatly from the selection of the theme, venue, decorations, catering, and entertainment to the type of entertainment that would be of interest to the guests.

Factors Affecting the Expenses of Event Planning

1. Type of Event

Whether it’s a small or large-scale event, the cost will be determined by the type of occasion you want to organize. Marriages that have a very complex decoration and longer guest lists will normally result in more expenses compared to birthday parties or corporate meetings which have fewer participants.


2. Venue Selection

The venue you choose affects how the occasion is perceived and adds on to your spending. The most popular music joints in big cities like Lagos and Abuja can charge more than the ones in the suburbs, while others may offer affordable rates.

3. Number of Guests

The number of attendees significantly reflects different aspects of the planning for example catering, seating arrangement, and space requirements. You are to expect guests to rise up to the list that will call for a large amount of money to cater for the food and venue.

4. Event Date/Time

Peak periods and weekends are the times when event planning services command higher rates. If you pick off-peak times or weekdays, this is a good way to reduce costs without completely sacrificing the quality of the occasion you are planning.

Cost Analyses of Event Planning Services

1. Initial Consultation

Planners normally start with an initial consultation where you give them an idea about your vision, budget, and expectations. This time is all about beginning to know the planner and figuring out whether the service is what you are looking for.


2. Event Concept and Theme.

To build a proper design and theme for your occasion, you need to brainstorm, select the decorative items, and synchronize visual elements. The designers usually implement the fee depending on the complexity and size of the occasion.

3. Vendor Management

Planners collaborate with different vendors, caterers, florists, photographers, and entertainment providers to materialize your dream. They are able to handle the negotiations with vendors and ensure smooth completion with the best prices.

4. Logistics and Coordination

Starting from transport logistics and timeline management of the occasion, planners handle every detail to avoid any problems during the occasion. Their high level of dedication and eye for detail will reduce the number of surprises at the last minute and will make the occasion more enjoyable.

5. Day-of Coordination

On the day of the occasion, planners implement various activities to coordinate the proceedings, guide setup and breakdown, and deal with any unforeseen problems that may occur. They bring more calm and comfort to the occasion, helping you soak in the fun without the hassle of logistics.


The price of hiring an event planner in Nigeria is determined by several factors, such as whether the event is a small or a large one, where the venue is located, the number of guests, and the scope of services that are required by the client. Although hiring professional planning services may be costly, the dignity and perfection they deliver are incomparable to any other assets that can be used to create an outstanding experience.

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