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Many business owners want to know how much it costs to advertise their products and services on So, how much does it cost to promote/advertise on, and so on? In this article, I'll walk you through the overall cost of advertising your products on

Advertising on or promoting business products and services on costs vary depending on the business niche. That is, the cost of advertising real estate differs from the cost of advertising automobiles or any other product category. As a result, the table below provides a comprehensive breakdown of the costs of advertising products for various business niches. Firstly, let's take a close look at the different business categories available on the website in order to better understand what the cost of advertising on will be.

If you need help with this, you should connect with O.C.Emmanuel “ A Senior Marketing Manager on WhatsApp Business Categories Has 3 Main Business Categories Namely:

1. Properties: This category is for people in the real estate business. Here, the main activity you'll see is selling of houses, landed property, apartment rent/lease and so on.

2. Cars: This category is for individuals or businesses that are into the sales of diffrent brands of cars; brand new, UK used, Nigerian used and so on.

3. Others: This category is for any category that is not listed on the website explicitly. That is, if your business category is not found under properties or cars, then it should be under others. The others categories may include: fashion businesses, sales of any other form of items such as electrical, home appliances, mobile phone, tablets, laptops and so on.

Cost of Advertising on for any of the mentioned Business categories

Properties: The lowest cost of advertising on is for businesses that are into real estate / properties. The amount is NGN 12,999 (the boost basic plan for 1 month). To learn more about the cost of other boost packages available for this category on the website, CLICK HERE

Cars: For businesses into the sales of cars, the lowest cost of advertising on is NGN 34,499 (the boost basic for 1 month). To see related cost of other boost packages on cars - click HERE

Others: As earlier mentioned, for those whose business does not fall under the properties or cars category, theirs is under others. Furthermore, the lowest cost of advertising on for the others category is NGN 11,499 (The boost basic plan for 1 month). To see the average number of products to advertise for this specific amount and other packages for this category on the website, click HERE


Thank you for taking the time to read our article on how much it costs to advertise on kindly note that this article had to be as brief as possible for the cost of advertising on for the above mentioned categories because each categories has different boost packages for various months and each of the boost packages on the website at various intervals has number of allowed products to display or advertise and also the promised result.

Note: kindly note that the prices are likely to change from time to time. So, for more detailed enquiries on price update, connect with O.C.Emmanuel ( - Senior Sales Manager)

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